Icecream bar!

Welcome to my icecream bar! you can order such icecreams as:

wasp flavored
Rocky Road
Green tea
Butter Pecan


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These are the main choices! We I also sell others.

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Wasp flavored ice cream please

With honey on top

here ya go :icecream:

Ok thx

you need choc o la t e

but i’ll take rocky road

oki here :ice_cream:

thank you

your very welcome

i’m sorry but what is the point of this

it was just fun to do i guess

There are less people that come to the forums for information than there are to cure boredom


How come strawberry isn’t in colored text

its not supposed to be

Icecream BAR

Time to get drunk on icecrean I guess

Me: I would like a pinnaple icecream please

Honey: We don’t have that flavor of icecream here

Me: Points pistol to your head

Me: Well make it

Honey: *makes pinnaple icecream"

Honey: That will be $8

Me: hands over money

Me: sits down at seat and starts watching the news

News: Recently, a forum moderator by the name DominoContributing banned a member of the forum for ordering a pinnaple flavored item at a bar. The man who ordered this item is to serve a 10 year sentence in jail.

Honey: listens to the news

Me: I wonder who that could be

News: This forum member goes by the name Anexeon. He is approximately 5 studs tall and 4 studs wide with a blue shirt, green pants, and yellow skin. If you are to see him, please capture him and bring him to your local police department, and the officers there will reward you with $999999999999888899.

Honey: walks into the storage closet and walks out with machine gun


Credit goes to @Spaghettisine for making the image. Will be removed and replaced if asked.



can i have a uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

all of them

Why is there no mint chocolate chip ucyct 8g 9g