Iced Crazyblox [30 Votes!šŸ‘Œ]

Iced Crazyblox! whoever froze him kinda sus :flushed: idk how many parts!


I love it! great job, I am looking forward to seeing more items from you!


impressive you got my vote +1

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That looks really well made.

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oh hell yeah this item is lit :fire:

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lOl i LOVE this!



18 Hours = 18 Votes PERFECTION

never thought one tank could get thi sgood

This is what all creators should strive to be like: true perfection.

frozen in crystal caverns

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Yes very froze

very ice

Ģ¶sĢ¶eĢ¶eĢ¶ Ģ¶wĢ¶hĢ¶aĢ¶tĢ¶ Ģ¶iĢ¶ Ģ¶dĢ¶iĢ¶dĢ¶ Ģ¶tĢ¶hĢ¶eĢ¶rĢ¶eĢ¶ Ģ¶hĢ¶

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i hate you :slight_smile:

lets gooo
: (

dababy reference? :flushed::flushed::flushed:

Looks like Crazyblox needs a scarf.
And the concept is good!