Iceladen (UPDATED as of 28/11/20)

Status: Done
ID: 3032814277
BGM: Homestuck - Carne Vale (i think)

An abandoned mineshaft, quarry and facility that is supposed to collect small ice blocks in the middle of a huge icy ravine.

Description: You first have to get out of several cave parts, which lead you to an abandoned quarry which leads you inside the facility. The end zone is at a cave.



Feedback is open, tho don’t expect changes to come out faster than light.

so this goes from cave to facility

nah you also traverse through an abandoned quarry area before the facility

Interesting… +1 Vote


i was viewing the images casually then the facility images pop out of nowhere and im very concerned


Irlanden looks cool!

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nice detail and gameplay

my only gripe is that the ice looks like plastic

where do i go after 4th button after the lava rises downward

you go here, if that is what you are talking about
a plank should appear when you press the 4th button

oh okay, it’s not that easy to sightread in this room to be honest

i kind of agree, but you’ll get to know the direction once you practice this a few times

i have no idea how to get to that area though, because those kill bricks block the way of where you’re supposed to go, and i can’t jump from the 4th button’s platform all the way to the platform with the planks on it

Alright, gonna try fixing that.

i think what was supposed to happen was after pressing the 4th button you jump down to the path of the 3rd button, and the kill bricks to the right were supposed to clear up after that.

also do you mean by this?

yeah you can’t jump from there all the way to the platform down below with the planks.

Oh, I see.
I tried fixing that, hopefully this shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

the simplicity is nice

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i understand this is an ice map but i think the walls need some type of texture or ice material

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