Ideas related to buttons

Just some ideas that are related to buttons, apologies if my explanations are unclear.

More Button Types

Gift Button

Method for Application :

  1. StringValue with value “Gift”
  2. NumberValue named “Chance”, value determines chances of the button becoming a Gift Button out of 100 (Minimum 1, Maximum 75).
  3. NumberValue named “Amount”, value determines amount of coins given to the player (Minimum 10, Maximum 50).

This button will have a chance to “gift” the player who presses it with coins or experience points. If a Group Button becomes a Gift Button, the rewards will be given to only the first player that presses it.

The “Chance” and “Amount” NumberValues could be replaced with just a chance for any button in any map to become a gift button, along with its gift amount set within the game itself.

Having Gift Buttons could serve as a motive for players to go for buttons, with the payoff being a little boost in coins or experience.

Sync Button

Method for Application :

  1. StringValue with value “Sync”
  2. NumberValue as a child of “Sync” StringValue, value determines which Sync Buttons must be pressed together (for example, if _Button2 and _Button4 were Sync Buttons with a NumberValue of 1, both of them must be pressed at the same time).

This will be a multiplayer exclusive button. To put it simply, all Sync Buttons of the same number must be pressed at the same time.

If a button that has already been pressed is also a Sync Button at a later time, that button will be reactivated when the later Sync Button is activated. For example, if _Button1 is a Sync button with _Button4, when _Button4 is activated, _Button1 will also become activated.

If two or more Sync Buttons are in consecutive order in terms of their button numbers (i.e. _Button2, _Button3, _Button4), they will all be activated when the button with the lowest number becomes active (in the example, all 3 Sync buttons will be active when _Button2 becomes active).

I know this concept may seem confusing (I’m not that good at explaining, sorry :/), but this could make multiplayer servers much more interesting with the aspect of teamwork coming into play with these buttons.

Reactivated Buttons

Reactivated buttons are buttons that will be turned green (become activated) at a later time after they’ve been pressed. These reactivations could be triggered by other buttons. For example, _Button4 could reactivate _Button1.

This idea could be simulated by simply overlapping two or more buttons over the same place. I haven’t really seen it been done before however, possibly because of the overlapping GUIs of multiple buttons. However, using this could make gameplay more interesting, as a “revisit” of an earlier area, perhaps with some changes to amp up the difficulty, or provide a spin to the original route.

Feel free to suggest any other button ideas in a reply.


They sound rlly cool but they all have its flaws
It’s 1:30 am for me so don’t make me explain xd