Ideas that maybe people will like to see


We gonna go with some ideas that i got for this game :

  1. Adding “Sprint” to the game :
    You think that walking a corrider fro 10 seconds is too long ?
    Well guess what ? Here a idea that could help you !
    When sprinting, your air bar (not your oxygen tank bar) will turn to red like if you were in acid and when the bar
    is fully red, you will stop sprinting and you’ll be slower and you will have to wait for your bar to return blue to
    sprint again .
    And also to make thisd idea even funnier , if you bar is fully red and you start swiming, your air will drain x2
    faster and if you are in acid well you basically ded becuz your air will drain x4 faster

  2. Adding perks :
    Adding perks will be cool … well maybe not always like incresing your speed, make your air bar bigger or
    more but those perks will have downside like for example :

  • Powerful lungs : Increase your air bar by 50 % and your resisting to acid 10 % than normal but your speed
    is decreased by 15 %
  1. Adding model to make air tanks/aura/emotes :
    I think that people will agree on that, that will be great to create our own items and post them on the forum
    to see if Crazyblox is gonna add it to the game or not

  2. Adding more liquids :
    Crazyblox already worked on a liquid (well that was experiment) and in this black liquid, you will be able to
    walk underwater with your air bar draning
    Adding more type of liquid will be cool … ok maybe not but that will put more content for the player to make
    original maps

  3. Maybe be able to change the time of a map ? :
    That sound stupid but get me, if you are working on a map and your map exceed time limit so what are you gonna do ? well reworking on your map
    So been able to change the time of a map between 1-3 minutes will helps some people (or maybe not)


Well, I have to disagree with 1,2, and 5. Here are the reasons why:
No.1 criticism.Adding “Sprint” to the game will ruin the purpose of the game. Which is to achieve speed, skills, and navigation abilities. If we are going to add “Sprint” to the game, we would have a lot of strong criticism and unfair compliments just like Flood Escape 1, which has the gravity coil, a item that completely ruined the game’s purpose.

No.2 criticism.Adding perks, as stated in “1.”, will ruin the purpose of the game too. It’s just too unfair for people without any ownership of in-game roblox currency (Robux), that they have no Robux to spent on perks, while the people owning a lot of robux (a.k.a rich kids) can spent on perks and just “cheat” on the game.

No.5 criticism.Nah, of course that is/sounds like a stupid idea. As stated in the other reasons, it will ruin the purpose of the game too. Crazyblox officially said that all levels must not exceed 2 minutes to have quicker rounds. So I must say that it’s probably best to not to change the time of a map.

However, I think I can agree a bit with 3. The reason why is because I can assure that its your best idea among your other useless ideas. Just like submitting maps, we should also submit different kinds of items (auras,tanks,skins, etc.) to give more time for Crazyblox to do other necessary stuff. Of course, why would I not forget the rewards. I recommend the rewards should be credit and 100 to 1,000 robux.

I can’t really explain, give criticism or appreciation to number 4 since I’m tired of typing. And I ran out of ideas what to explainn about number 4.

Anyways these are my criticism/appreciation for your ideas.


Of course KentDoge , i know that adding perks , sprint and giving more time for maps is stupid and can ruin the purpose of the game but a least add something that doesn’t give you a speed boost for example :

  • Crawling and crouching (wait that also stupid XD)


Crawling and crouching could be another of your great idea. Especially for future levels that needs crawling. I can agree a bit of that.


Do you have idea better than mine :stuck_out_tongue: ?


Nope, lol.


Okie XD (if i have ideas i’ll post them here)


hmm… w0t ab0ut a strafe button? would be good if you need to strafe in the air (would probably break some maps…)


if those strafe buttons are used correctly, they can be cool :smiley:


I just got a awful idea … adding quick sand to the game
When you’re in quick sand, you can’t jump and you slowly getting sucked in, the only way to get out of the quick sand is to climb a ladder (or the edge of a block :D)


Also why not add the possiblity to make emotes :smiley: ?


NO…PLEASE…NO! IF @CRAZYBLOX SEES THIS AND ADDS THIS… I AM HOLDING YOU RESPOSIBLE EVERYTIME I DIE! But… sure… the idea’s nice, altough the colour of sand might ruin the map’s theme.


My response

1.I feel that Sprinting would ruin gameplay as it might make the game wayyy to ez. (I dun like it)
2.For perks he could probably add them for tanks to have the abilities Like acid tank would decrease the acid decreasing ur health, etc so (Maybe?)
3.Interesting, i lieky (:DDD)
4. Also cool (:DDDD)
5.Nani y doe.


What about a liquids like molasses and it acts like acid but air drain rate is less and you are slower. Liquid #2 Gasoline: when mixed with lava it sets alight, killing everyone in it.

  1. a liquid that was slowing you down was already been worked by Crazyblox but it was causing error scripts
  2. that totally lava ._. and really just that doesn’t see the point of that
  3. could be a good idea but acid is already kind of doing that


*Mercury, also that seems like a good idea but maybe it could work like acid and slow you down at the same time?? As mercury is quite dense I believe, idk lol I got like a B for science idk man i aint that helpful dont quote meh on this


My ideas is adding more swim animation because it wont make any effect to the game!


Full support I like that idea :0