Idk i made something in blender again

Title might be mean and ignorant (but that’s because it is), but I made another thing in blender. A terribly-made black hole. I wish I was in a more positive while making this post but I guess my brain forces me to stay monotone and negative or else.

Anyways enough stupid talk! Here’s the thing. Keep in mind there’s two renders, both using different render engines. Cycles and Eevee. Which one do you prefer? Please tell me down below.

(btw i watched a tutorial for this and it didn’t turn out the way i wanted it to, but oh well)

Cycles Render

Eevee Render

This isn’t really what I consider my best piece of work honestly. I know I can do better. Next time I will put more effort into this.


I like it, looks like a black hole.

I still dont understand how black holes work

I did make a presentation for school a year ago


There’s the funny nothing in the middle

Holy heck it looks amazing

The swirling stuff seems to be touching the black hole tho

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Damn. Do you have any tips??

you need to give yourself more credit this is incredible

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Looks like Saturn or Jupiter but still very cool
Yes it looks like a black hole



I don’t remember jupiter and saturn being pitch black :thinking:

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Woah! Now that’s an amazing effect. :+1:

I still cant Blender :pensive:


i meant the orange but
yes now they do look like black holes
so epic

relevent :pensive:

reminds me a lot of tria’s saturn
add some spacing between the hole and the ring, it looks too close

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It’s a blackhole, there shouldn’t be any spacing as the the center and the accretion disk itself are continuous.


Now make the up house

yeah that makes sense

definetely could add some stuff to make it more “realistic” such as light bending around the black hole

im not sure if black hole actually emits those jets from the poles but eh

Uh one reason I’m not really making many changes to this is because

I don’t really understand many of these nodes. Like I said, I followed a tutorial and stuff, so I kinda rushed through it a bit and that’s why it’s not that good. Plus the more detail I requested to add, the more nodes I have to add as well and I’m not gonna have such a messy node setup, so I can’t really take any requests ://

I’m not an expert at blender so that’s why I need to take my time to learn more about materials and stuff.

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Also forgot to mention this.

More realism = Increased render time

I’m not gonna wait an hour for this render only for realistic effects. It didn’t take long to render, only like a couple minutes. But still.

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