If FE1 Map Test existed, what type of map would you make for the game?

Well There is already a map kit that crazyblox made, which is called, “Make a map for flood escape!”

But I think he won’t accept map submissions now because… FE2 exists.

Also the model looked outdated because it had the square vents like in 2012 Flood Escape.

So if FE1 map test does come (For fun) we can probably make random maps for it, even tho it’s not gonna be added since FE1 looks good already.

Ok time to answer the question.
The type of map I will make is probably a map named “Lost Sector” which is basically an abandoned FE1 map sector.

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most maps in fe1 are made by crazy though lol

aren’t all of them made by him though

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Maybe yes. There are no names that says who created the map. So it’s probably crazyblox then.

Well that got off topic pretty fast

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Maybe a future BTR lol

impossible maps

Isn’t FE1’s walkspeed 16? Because if you are planning to make a hard map, those jumps wouldn’t be possible without the walkspeed 20.

I’m sure people were able to make maps and crazy usually took them idk

There actually is a Fe1 map kit I think


15 stud wraparounds
With slow walkspeed lel

how to downgrade fe2 map test [not clickbait]


There are some uncopylocked versions of Fe1 which you can use to test FE1 maps.

(Just don’t publish the game or try to make the game only solo and kinda map test like)

Let’s not do that