Ignis Edifice [Lava Tower Revamp]

Status: Whitelisted, Gathering Feedback
Map ID: 5347582994 (includes other map remakes such as Infiltration, Flood Island and more)
Creator(s): Theoquertz/EMRMYT2
Description: this took me 30 minutes to make, I don’t know why this idea came up into my mind recently, but I had fun making this one, enjoy! Also there are a lot of shortcuts and decent looks but it will be changed later on

neon look from start is the end of Forgotten Tombs if you don’t know why

Upcoming Changes:

  • Less Shortcuts
  • Extension
  • Better look
  • Lighting Changes
  • the spinning thingy idk what they call it
  • trying to make it look better without the neon abusing

ah yes

new ermr map, instant vote lol

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instant Vote

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lava tower but not cramped

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Okay here’s a detailed feedback:

The map gameplay is good, it is bigger than lava tower, but, the lava rises so slow, even a snail can pass this, so i recommend you to put the lava rises a bit faster, or this map would be a Medium map lol. The details are very good, but, i didn’t uderstand some errors of building, thta makes this map looking WIP (the jumps in non-tower part for example), but, the maps gameplay and details are perfect for who make it only in 30 minutes, that’s insane! And yes, the only thing what need is lighting, but you already said you will add it so yeah lol


ill check it out

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wall details are very lacking


lacking in details tbh, ik it is a v1

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change the button colors

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Nice! Another remake! I vote it

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Where is lava fall
Downvote :angry:


reddit but its fe2

This joke makes no sense

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yeah it is unfunny idk why i even made it


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cool Idea, I will

I don’t get any original lava tower vibe from this so this is kinda disappointing tbh

revamps should be like touch up of a map with more details not an entire theme change imo

still a “Lava Tower” tho, it’s not really done yet so probably it’ll feel different later on

I mean this was also a problem with the abandoned facility revamp (I also agree with this for real though)