IIluminated Pyramid

Status: Not Whitelisted

Description of Map
Trapped in a pyramid where the future blends with the past, discover the secrets and rooms of the pyramid to escape. By the way, this is my first map and if you have suggestions let me know!

Pictures / Videos of Map

Some walls kinda looks blocky.

Maybe add wedges and details.

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Neons in pyramid…

Aight ima head out.


Is the anubis a free model

Building is good. But not focusing on wall detail. Wall detail is kinda important or someone will say. “bland wall design”
tbh the map is kinda good.

Its not even a pyramid

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What is this?

Ok for a starter.

excuse me what the f r i d g e?

Its true that this isnt a pyramid? Any problems with it?

Yes, I agree, but not everyone, especially if it’s their first map, can make a pyramid

It’s super duper hyper mega tera inconsistent

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Fine, whatever. But still not look like a pyramid lmao

-nods very slowly-

Yes. You can find it in the toolbox