I'll take a break

I might. I know I’m not welcome here, it’s not like I can be helped. Maybe I can but I know all of you are annoyed by my behavior.

I’m taking a break. Maybe it will help me become a better person in the future.

I’m not annoyed by you

Your always welcome here in my opinion :heart:

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You don’t know how I really am on the inside but thanks I guess. I’m starting to feel a bit better but sometimes I force myself to act sad.

nobody thinks you’re annoying, some people may be a bit sensitive and believe that you’re annoying them but in reality, you aren’t.


true, he is. sadly he doesn’t think so. he’s a good dude from what i know him.

Ugh what am I saying? I’m not this person who puts themselves down. I can’t go on like this. Maybe I’ll take a break from the forums soon, but sometimes, people can’t control their emotions.

maybe a break will do you some good. but for now i hope you know you’re perfectly allowed on the forums.