I'm leaving

As the title says, I am leaving the forums for good.

I am still going to be here, but after June 2, I’m no longer online on the forums.

If you might ask, “Why?” I cannot say that.

This link contains the reason. https://web.roblox.com/games/4889654511/Project-FEW-Revival . Can you find it?

I am banned in the discord server, and no longer going to post anything in the server for 2 years.

I am going to come back to the forums, but I don’t guarantee that.

Thank you everyone for being my friend:

Thank you, @FedeDoesStuff, for being my friend, teaching me a lesson, and criticizing Hillyard.
Thank you, @Phexonia, for being my friend, being in the forums, sharing your maps. Thanks to you, I’ve learned some grammar.
Thank you, @Anac4nda, for being my friend (Not really), and being in the forums.
Thank you, @Irla, for criticizing & pinging my first post, for being my friend & being in the forums.
Thank you.

I’ll hope you’ll understand.

~ Immense

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I was never your friend I sad :disappointed_relieved:
But it was nice to meet you, have a nice time outside

I wasnt even done with the fanart thing yet but ok. :neutral_face:


You can still do it. I am still here. June 2 is the last day of me online on these forums.


Though advertising your game in a ‘I’m leaving’ post is out of place /:

Am I too irrelevant in here that I am totally ignored

I wanted people to test it. Then i realized forgot something.
The link isn’t advertising.

it’s the reason of why did i got banned & why did i selected to leave.

i knew this was coming up

Yes ok I am too irrelevant to immense

And I haven’t even got done with me making fanart for you something yet.


There is a very low chance that i might stay at forums, like 1%. & there is only 0.4% that i might come back to discord.

Hm okay. Hope ti see you again next time if possible.


anyways, it was a good time spending with you. bye… will miss ya here

This sad. :cry:

:(((((((( :cri:

Well, early farewell I Guess

Goodbye, It Was Sad to Know

Nice meeting you… Have a safe life! :slight_smile: