I'm looking for people to create a map

i need help creating a decent map … can be up to three people… I need you to know what commands to enter for the map to work as it should

PD:If it’s misspelled it’s because I don’t know much English and this is a google translation

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sure i’ll assist you
just send a friend request to this username: KaylaAndKyleYT
and add it to team create for the game where the map is being made
i will do my very best to help you make a good map

good but … right now I’m far from my house and I can’t access my computer, now I write to you from a computer that I found there … I have my cell phone but in the mobile version you can’t enter Roblox Studio … .
once I can bring my pc to where I am now we start with the map … or if not … and if you start creating the map because the idea was that we start from scratch all together … I don’t know if you understand me but well … literally writing this message to you is like playing CyberBugs 2077 in a refrigerator so good … I’ll write you on my cell phone when I charge everything because that’s impossible … see you tomorrow maybe… And remember: this message may have errors because it has been translated from Spanish to English with Google Translator

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I genuinely saw this coming, your not gonna build the map, make him build it and your gonna take all the credit. Just stop now.

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@Circuited hello … I never said that I would take all the merit, everything I said is true and believe me when I tell you that I will do everything possible to bring my computer here … and also I would like to know something … you entered the chat just to say that?

Okay a good way to solve this is that neither of you make the map until you get your computer back, I am just saying colas where someone is not able to build can turn out badly.

ok … I’ll let you know when I get my computer and we’ll start the map … if you want to enter @Circuited