I'm (not) leaving the forums

My final day here may be the beginning of August. I don’t deserve to know you guys. I don’t belong here.
Each time I attempt to create a topic, nobody understands it & just goes on bad for the forums. I just wanted some fun. I’m getting worse than before, I don’t believe in myself. Go, forget me on the forums. Leave me alone as you should.

I’m not leaving. I’m staying, however, I’m going to rest for a half of a month. I have to finish my depression once for all.

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if you want to leave, just don’t make a post about it and leave silently


Unlike some people who will be careless and be like, “bye whatever”, I’m gonna be respectful.

I feel like this a lot of times, everyday, every single day. But I still go though. I don’t take breaks. I just keep going, even if I do ruin my reputation. Just please, don’t let this put you down. You still have a chance to make it all better. You can still be a normal forum user, you can still be on here each and every day.

Goodbye. We had our good moments and we had our somewhat bad moments. I won’t try and pester you to come back, it’s just disrespectful and if you want to be left alone, just tell us.


goodbye man

i sometimes feel the same

if you want to leave, leave silently, otherwise it may cause drama.

maybe it’s just the fact that most users here are 13+ meaning that their sense of humor is different than yours. try to find something common between you and me. what we have in common? we both like memes like all of us here.

reason why should i leave you alone???


this is really relatable as i feel blue every single day at some point.

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But what do you mean by that?

I’d give you an example of the Forum disco.

what is going on here

can you not offtopic

Probably cause you didn’t explain what the point of it is, and plus its all crossed out.

it wasn’t crossed out before

I just wanted to make a party. Not something nobody understands.

You didn’t explain it clear and you demand us to understand your words??

Honestly why don’t we just act respectful instead of talking back in such an aggressive tone.


I’m not hating on him intentionally but I’m really tired of these.

The thing is, he expected everything to go as he planned, once he got disappointed by someone he’ll try to blame them as much as possible. And in this case, it’s me and possibly billie.

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If you want to go back this forum, you are always welcome

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Nobody made me leave. I’m feeling like I’m getting controlled by my depression. I’m feeling like I’m locked in a jail.

I know how you feel, but don’t mean you always think like that. You need to relax a long time.