I'm sorry (Hopefully this can make it up to you guys.)

Look I get it. I’m annoying. I suck at everything and deserve to perish. But sometimes people are not the same.


They just think about stuff that can’t be talked about and I know someone will flag me. Go ahead. Do it.

I’m sorry for everything I did okay?

Anyone who attacked me or targeted me you have another chance.

I just feel like everyone’s out to get me. Don’t you ever feel that way too?


I do quite a lot of times. You aren’t a bad person.


So far as I know you I don’t think you have done anything wrong to be fairly honest. You are quite nice (sometimes serious but hey I can also tend to be serious) and your building skills are quite good. The demons must have started playing tricks on you once again which might make you say negative things again, just ignore these fools.


I forgive you

(also idk what wrong you did recently anyways)

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Are you really serious. I just always manage to get myself into a bad mood and never get out of it.

I’m just stuck in an eternal loop of sorrow and suffering.

Your beginning to sound a lot like me whats wrong? wanna talk about it in dms?

I don’t need help.

Are you sure about it?

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Yes I’m sure. Do you think I’m not serious?

Yes I do I was just making sure so i’ll just go

I hope everyone can understand that sometimes I go a bit crazy. All of my friends do know that of course. I never reveal what I do on other platforms and sometimes the aftermath of freakouts doesn’t help me at all with the next one. But this time it was different. I felt something more helpful about this one. Just read this post, maybe you can understand.

I’m going to be honest here, I did act like a big jerk during whatever drama I caused. It really didn’t feel like me and more or less, I was acting more like a cyberbully. Sorry to anyone out there that was hurt by what I say, I go out of control sometimes and that’s something some of you will realize soon.


I might just quit the forums. I know I’m not welcome here anymore, it’s not like I can do anything about it.

I caused all of this. If only I never started the moyai thing.

Sorry if I’m acting like an idiot. Oh wait, I am.