Imperial Realm

My First Sanctuary Map (Maybe)
I Made A Mistake About Bricks :confused:

I Basically Update The Map
And I Didn’t Change The Picture Map So RiP

ID: 4204550130
Creator: ChaosOfNoobs (Me)
BGM: UNDEAD CORPORATION - The Empress (scream off version)
BGM Link:

Basically 1k Parts Tho YAY :slight_smile:

Picture Of The Map:
As Update Of 2/26/2021

Video (Laggy Video Sure :slight_smile:)

i have noticed the appearance of a logo that is popularly called a “texture” being abnormally elongated and thus that ruining my satisfaction

i shall now conclude my visit towards this domain

oh wow same

this looks epic how does it have no votes yet ima vote dis now

atleast no generic alex maps free mesh type, nice

anyways, the map is pretty interesting, i dont really have anything to say, it’s great lol

  • map name is overly complicated
  • stretched lava

wheres the constructive part

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He Made A Mistake About Bricks

also i like the lighting but stuff could be improved

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Lol why tho

I made a length stretched lava xd

nice reminds me of ascending

I gonna make it on next update lol

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Ok I Update Something About It

Here’s Some Updates:
Change Map Name To Imperial Realm
Change Animated Lava
More Detail (Maybe)
New Gameplay At The Last Button

Yes Ima Put Some Pictures tho

please dont copy and paste the platforms, because it may look mirror’d

I Didn’t

then why do they look so similar?

??? why is copy pasting gameplay bad? every map does it lo


He Rebuilt them Bro,


why does this have 1 votes
looks better than some of the maps with 10

Oh wow Basically A New Update For Detail Again
Watch This On YT Tho