Inalsoertalt [Insane] by eliteXproX & Y_ezo

Status: Gathering support, Work in progress, Whitelisted.
ID: 2707834461
Creators: eliteXproX & Y_ezo
BGM: Chipzel - Tokyo Skies or Big Giant Circles - Sevcon (choose)
Secondary BGM: Vaporwave Music (Idk what it is so i put this)
Difficulty: Insane (4)
NOTE: There’s no word “Inalsoertalt” In any Language. I just created this word for the map. You pronounce it: “InalsojertAlt”.

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Roblox recently banned the audio “Knife Party - Your No Saint” I think I might add Tokyo Skies or Sevcon If you have suggestions comment them below.

Description: Hi, I know another bad map lmao. But I have put some effort into one room. The only thing that I need to do is revamp the first room. But if you don’t like the room then tell me what I could add to the room! I hope that this map won’t turn out like other maps. So the maps name will be chosen by one of you, but if you don’t want to or call it bad then don’t comment anything. When you spawn on the map you will see the first room which has acid and walls. The second room is the broken stairs, under them is lava. The third room is split into a lot of rooms, the first room for the area has planks that don’t let you progress until you press a button. The second room in the area will be useful when the button in the first room is pressed, there will be an open hole where is another button. When pressed the third room in the area will have a button and a question to choose. The hallway (NOT in the area) has fallen apart. The fourth room (the most successful of all) is the most detailed room I’ve created with any friend! My friend built platforms and the floor. But I created the walls and the glass surrounding the wall jumps. Then comes the “Retro Sun” room. It has neon floor, mountains and the Sun in Retro form. There are three buttons there. For now, it’s in WIP. Stay tuned!
Photos (NOTE: the walls and platforms will be colored and be created with more detail): The first room:

The second room: The third room (Area):
The area’s rooms:
The broken hallway:
The Fourth Room: The Retro Sun Room:
Yeah not good lol.
Thumbnail of the map:
This isn’t a challenge map cause of the photo lol.
Also this photo is super old i remember taking it for some kind of project and it was here for like a whole 3 years lol.
Videos: https://youtu.be/40IBWw_bXlg
Average time to beat with mistakes: 1:50
Average time to beat with no mistakes: 1:34
Version: 0.9.9

also for those who think Y_ezo only built the fourth room no, i built it as well


The first rooms will be detailed i just wanted to get the basic work done first lol



are you that elite guy that like stole maps or…?
i don’t know

My Suspicious Level became 50%.

Aren’t you the guy who didn’t understand or accept criticism, and made a map on a cruise ship with over 100 free models? This is definitely better than your old maps.

what i mean by “i don’t know” is i don’t know what exactly that elite guy did
i know he did steal maps and i know he did more but i don’t know what did he do else, other than stealing maps
i am a bit suspicious

oh god why unnecessary texture spam in fourth room
but this map is better than your old maps not gonna lie
still needs a lot of improvements for me to vote

may i ask why the fourth room is the most detailed out of all of the other rooms? even if the previous rooms were layouts, why would you start detailing the fourth room first?

Look guys it’s Roblox



since the 4th room is really detailed

i have a feeling its from a stolen map

Oh welcome back my old friend
The fourth room looks cool ngl
The whole map needs more detail tho lol

cause i wanted to show everybody that i’m not somebody who is really bad so i made one room with detail so i can show what are my skills now. But i can guarantee you that the other rooms will be as detailed as that room. The fourth room was also supposed to be a layout room but i had an idea to show i’m not that such of a fool.

Ok that a different elite
That elite is elite_yt

oh okay then

Revived this for updates. lol sorry

Okay. I have a lot to say about this map.

There’s too much plastic and random colors.

I see a few free meshes in the retrowave room. Some of the colors are just random while retro colors are purple and blue

The fourth room is just… my gosh I don’t know what’s going on in this room. Everything clashes and the brick walls don’t work. Please redo the entire room.

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