Inderio's general post

Nothing of much. This would mostly be used to start conversations and sometimes dropping in creations. Oh and you can ask me questions in there if you wish, since I am not gonna make a q n a in the near future.

Also I am aware that I am way too late in terms of joining that general post trend, but why bother thinking about that.


I did the quick like this time
not u irla

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why public profile hidden

Sadly the answer is kinda private but I can make it accessible

i want to know a bit behind

it’s a shocker to see people doing this

wait chill

i never asked to unmask it

i just wanted to know why

Hm, about why I kept my profile hidden is kinda hard to explain to be honest. And no I aren’t mad or anything.

well if you don’t know the answer to that

then what about bigboi

I also don’t know about him, never asked him why he had his profile hidden. It could be privacy reasons, which kinda explains why my profile was hidden as well.

oh uh

why do people even hide it
like what’s the point
if ur scared abs info about urself just don’t write it

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also going offline since my computer is acting like complete stuff

I live again

yo guys i think inderio might be irla :flushed:

had no idea

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just a thought im not sure

I cannot tell if ur joking

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Eh idk who you are talking about


inderio with button pfp coming back when??

in a million years :grin: