Industrial Shore (WIP) + Demo version

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Story :factory:

  • Industrial Shore or its called “Sunsteria Shore” is the only shore in Sunsteria and its the only place has alot of oils, coals to make powers. But these materials are overtaken so much so the sources are reduced very heavily make the whole shores are polluted. However, more worse is the whole Sunsteria planet is also going to die which cause alot of disasters or maybe there will be a very bad earthquake, so that’s why Sunsteria is impossible to survive because of pollution. The only way to evacuate the area is going to a portal at the end of Sunsteria Shore.

Information :factory:

  • ID: 4450699911
  • Creator: weawea100vn (I_zcy)
  • Difficulty: Insane
  • Music: idk
  • Solo time: WIP
  • Parts: 3.3k parts (Including meshes) :warning:
  • Status: 25% Finished

Fun fact :factory:

  • Demo version

Update :factory:

  • Demo version
  • New fixing lighting issues very soon

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I hope you guys enjoy my new map. If you like it, please vote the map. :wink: The map is still WIP so this is why the demo version has alot of bugs, issues so if there is any suggestions, pls tell me and I will update them very soon. :factory:

Just… awesome.

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cwazybocc plz add this ;-;

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yay finally some icy insane

my terrain looks like a blockland compared to this

wait what?

my maps look like 2006 roblox compared to this


Sweet ambience of vibes! They look amazing! :open_mouth:
This map is really surprising and really great! The sync of the music fits, and the gameplay is so much fun and challenging. The details, ambient, fogs, assets and the designs are splendid!
Since the map is in the demo version, you have really done a great job, and I can’t wait to see the full version of the map when it’s finished. You deserve a vote! :+1:

Keep up the great job! :smile:


Basically a free Geography lesson on energy resources

everytime i play this, the lighting gets redder and redder

Sorry for pointing out, should it be “pollution”?

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aw that’s hot

thats hot

ok what has roblox gotten into :thinking:

Can’t you just stop judging me about my grammar and my mistake paragraph? Pls tell me if there is something wrong and I can fix it

Those trees looks amazing
The lighting is awesome too

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sorry about that

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He didnt judge you. He tried helping you.

Lighting is awesome =D

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what did you use to make the brown ambience
like, its very cool but sometimes the ambience stays even without playing this map

InDUSTrial Shoe

a shoe filled with dust