Inf"s Ideas for FE2

@Infinity1080p posted on the FE2 catagory? What is this

I have ideas for FE2, enjoy my dumb ideas
Please read these ideas clearly, like crossed out joke ideas and better versions of existing things

  1. Fix the bug where when you die, your skin, emote, buddie, and aura gets unequipted.
  2. Add powerups (joke)
  3. Add super LDM (if your device is slower than a turtle.)
  4. Offical Speed Pads.
  5. Map making kit should look pretty.
  6. New flood type
  7. Form for submitting maps to the offical game
  8. More maps by crazyblox
  9. More Crazy Maps
  10. Expand on Secrets, like the secret room walljump or the slide room.
  11. A prequel to FR

I dont think any of these will actually get added/fixed, some of them are bad after all

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isn’t magma also lava

I don’t think this one doesn’t make sense, it’s just lava inside (like magmatic mines) and I think it would just kill you the way lava does

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well Speed Pads I’ve already scripted on my map called “Contraland” and Contraland (the map) just supported Speed Pads, actually Speed Boosters and Speed Cleaners.

Well the new flood type can also been a “Oil” water type. Then if you’re swimming on “Oil”, then it more likes acid but it does -2 (repeating if you’re keep swimming on oil). Or “Frost Water” can also been the flood type but then you can swim slowly on Frost Water.

Well powerups can been a critical choice. If here’s a Speed powerup, and if you touch on the Speed Powerup. Then it increases the speed to you and have for three seconds speed. New Jumppower, also the same as Speed Powerup.

Well I have one understandable idea:

  1. Earnings Ability, if here’s a Coin sometimes on the Map. Then touch it for earn Coins (It also applies to gems). And sometimes XP’s IDK if this ability supports.
  2. Gears on Shop, well Melee’s, Guns, Explosives is not fair to buy it. And also don’t add this on FE2! Well Foods, Items these are not kill-able can be included by the shops. Maybe Coils can been supported but I don’t really think if Crazyblox will add these on the official FE2 Game.
  3. Ropes (likes EM and Flood Escape Mission)!
  4. Max Limit Fix, if Crazyblox just repair the Max Limit of Parts. Then it should been 4500 or 5000 Parts on map.
  5. Lobby Revamp! Well then Crazy should place and rotate (some orientations) the Map Board (just a summary board) next to the Lift!
  6. More Maps in FE1! Well I don’t really if peoples just like to make a FE1 Map, but Crazy officially can build a new FE1 Map for placing it on the FE1-Projects!
  7. Pro-Space. I like to see the Pro-Servers likes 2019 but a revamp likes the Visual Server!
  8. A Achievement GUI, for watching to have Badges on the Achievement GUI before you’ve have for example Poisonous Chasm beaten for awarding a badge, and then it’s added to Achievement GUI. And then you can see how much badges you have for beating a Insane (or Crazy Map)!
  9. New Difficulty “Intense”. For watching how the maps are harder than Crazy Maps, just likes Shutdown, Electrical Malfunction (but actually I hope if Crazyblox just upgraded their Max Limit Log).
  10. Players Transparency (on Settings tab), yep. Looks likes if you want to have a Players Transparency, then first you should put the Ghost Players on! Then you can do Players Transparency and type (how much numbers you want) here how Map Runners are a bit a Barrier to play it!
  11. Training’s GUI, then if you’ve pressed on the Trainings textbutton, then you’ve teleported on the Map Training (but it’s on Lobby). And if you want to stop training the abilities and obstacles, then press to the Quit button before you’ve teleported back to the FE2 Lobby!
  12. A “Survive” tab (if you beat a map). If you beat a Map, then the Survive shows you how you’ve especially beating the map. And if you close them, then the Vote System shows you for voting a map!
  13. A 3D CFrame! Just a Loading Tab, if the map has loaded then the CFrame will move to the map and the Mapname, Creator and Difficulty shows you and then you’re on the Spawn.
  14. A Edit Tab! I think Crazyblox did’nt like to have a Edit Tab that much but what a Edit Tab does, then you’re editing the Avatar on the FE2 Game. And a Gamepass called “Avatar PLUS” can been supported, then you will have items they are Limited to buy it. (Or not getting the Gamepass but 100 Gems for 1 Month Avatar PLUS)
  15. Map Revamps! Then peoples just really liked and then I think we maybe can help for revamping these Official FE2 Maps cause I think FE2 just created around of 2016 or 2017. And then for revamping these Official FE2 Maps can been supported but you better do not save the official maps to Roblox before you’re stealing maps!
  16. Daily Bonus revamp (but Tab or Alert and Notice), if you are playing this game and then quitting this game for one day. Then the Coins (or Gems for a week) shows you to earn Bonus Award.
  17. New Server called “Master server”! If you are in Level 60, then you can go to this server. And the new server called “Legend Server”, then the requirement should been important for Level 100!
  18. More Levels than 100! Then the Rebirths can only been earned if you are on Level 100. And then more than level 100, then I think it’s gonna been to level 1000 (just likes 3 Years to rank your level). Then if you are in level 1000. Then you can reach your rebirth to 10 Rebirths, then you will get 100 Gems per Level!
  19. Death Title, well looks likes then you will get a title when you are dead!
  20. The Gamepass Called: “2x Speed Boost”! Well the gamepass cost 750 for double speed boost, for any maps. And 2x Speed Boost = 22 Walkspeed, just 2+ Walkspeed.
  21. The Gamepass Called: “2x Coins”! Well the gamepass cost 1150 for Double Coins, or also cost 1 rebirth for 2x Coins and then if you got 3 or more Rebirths. Then it’s should been 6x Coins if you upgraded for becomes Rebirths when you are upgrading as pushasing 2x Coins!
  22. Hardcore Buttons! Well it’s actually long to say but especially on Abandoned Facility you have for some reasons the Buttons there hardcore. It sound likes waiting before 100 types are gonna been destroyed, when the types are to 0. Then the buttons the are Hardcore got pressed but sometimes on Master Server.
  23. Map Search on FE2CM! Well the system of FE2CM can also been a reduce likes searching a map on the community label, when you search a map. Looks likes the old FE2MT, when you’ve clicked for example “Map Making Kit”, then play it. Then is it on the Map Loadings.
  24. Slots or Load System! Well the Daily Awards needs to be required before the Loading System, well you have 3 slots to make it. More than 3 slots has a entire gamepass called “Extra Slots” for 200 Gems or 400 Robux before you got extra slots. You will get 3+ Slots, just totally 6 Slots.
  25. Languages, yep. Looks likes Aranha_Blox just created their entire post when scripting the languages for FE2CM. But the languages stands there: “English (original), France, Spanish, Dutch, German and Italian”.
  26. (WARNING!) Meteors Challenges for entire Outdoor Maps! Well the Meteors are disasters, well Meteors kills you instantly but it feels likes if Meteors are falling from the sky, to the ground. When it stands on the ground, then here’s a SMALL explosion.
  27. Mobile Shift Lock! Well the Aim Lock is also great but sounds like Mobile (or Tablet) Shift Lock is better to have it!
  28. Climbing Trees (or Lollipops and Poles)! Well another agility can also been supported for FE2, well if you touch the tree then jump on the tree, when you are jumping on tree. Then you are climbing on trees!
  29. More FE2 Badges! Yep, that’s a very good idea to add them! These badges what I’ve thinked stands there: “You Played!, First Map Survived!, Locked Insane!, 100 Coins!, 1000 Coins!, 100 Gems!, 500 Gems!, First Rebirth, First Level!, Joined Pro Servers!, Joined Master Servers! (if Crazy will add New Server called ‘Master and Legend’, Joined Legend Servers!, Pressed all Buttons!”!
  30. Easter Eggs! Only for April Fools becomes easter eggs on maps! These stands there!

Axiom Egg > This egg is in the map “Axiom”!
Bastion Egg > This egg is in the map “Castle Tides”!
Wooden Egg > This egg is in the map “Lost Woods”!
Under-Egg > This egg is in the map “Buried Oasis”!
Egg of Fantasy > This egg is in the map “Marred Dreams”!
Toxic Egg > This egg is in the map “Poisonous Valley”!

Stone Egg > This egg is in the map “Cave System”!
Explorer Egg > This egg is in the map “Infiltration”!
Sky Egg > This egg is in the map “Sky Sanctuary”!
Forgotten Egg > This egg is in the map “Forgotten Tombs (if this exist)”!
Beach Egg > This egg is in the map “Flood Island”!
Construction Egg > This egg is in the map “Construction Thrill”!
Ship Egg > This egg is in the map “Decrepit Seas”!
Cog Egg > This egg is in the map “Eternal Clockworks”! (if this gets added)
Autumn Egg > This egg is in the map “Autumn Bridge”! (if this gets added)
(fanmade: Christmas Egg > This egg is in the map “Northern Workshop”!

Spooky Egg > This egg is in the map “Graveyard Cliffside”!
Forest Egg > This egg is in the map “Dark Sci-Forest”!
Fallen Egg > This egg is in the map “Fallen”!
Sunken Egg > This egg is in the map “Sunken Citadel”!
Crystal Egg > This egg is in the map “Crystal Caverns”!
Wild Egg > This egg is in the map “Wild Savannah”!
Lava Egg > This egg is in the map “Lava Tower”!
Snowy Egg > This egg is in the map “Snowy Peaks”!

Dark Sci-Egg > This egg is in the map “Dark Sci-Facility
Beneath the Egg > This egg is in the map “Beneath the Ruins”!
Gloomy Egg > This egg is in the map “Gloomy Manor”!
Familiar Egg > This egg is in the map “Familiar Ruins”!
Abandoned Egg > This egg is in the map “Abandoned Facility”!
Magmatic Egg > This egg is in the map “Magmatic Mines”!
The Egg of Warnings > This egg is in the map “Sinking Ship”!
Egg of Westerns > This egg is in the map “Lost Desert”!
(fanmade: School Egg > This egg is in the map “Annihilated Academy”!)
(fanmade2: Rotated Egg > This egg is in the map “Core”!)
(fanmade3: Spring Egg > This egg is in the map “Kozui Peaks”!)
(fanmade4: Beep Egg > This egg is in the challenge map “Beep Block Floodway”!)
(fanmade5: Under-Egg > This egg is in the map “Under-Ruins”!)
Ok here’s a lot of fanmades.

Moonstone Egg > This egg is in the map “Blue Moon”!
Poisonous Egg > This egg is in the map “Poisonous Chasm”!
Tower Egg > This egg is in the map “Lighthouse! (if the Warp Arounds are removed and it’s added)”
Ignis Egg > This egg is in the map “Ignis Peaks! (Map not in list but comes later)”
Underworld Egg > This egg is in the map “Underworld Castle”! (same likes Ignis Peaks)
(fanmade: Unpowered Egg > This egg is in the map “Shutdown”!)
(fanmade2: Enchanted Egg > This egg is in the map “Enchanted Mushway!”)
(fanmade3: EMEgg > This egg is in the map “Electrical Malfunction V3/V4”)
Actually fanmades are fake-works, when the map got added + that’s a Fun Fact of fanmades how they’re just applied to get Easter Eggs on these Fanmades lol

  1. Events (for coming maps)! Yes, then it likes if the Event is for example ‘Valentine’. Then it should means here comes maps from the Events.
    LIST: Halloween update, Winter update, Valentine update, April Fools update, Summer update and Birthday Anniversary (Every Crazy’s Birthday for 2 weeks)

List of Maps in Event:

Halloween Update:

  1. Graveyard Cliffside – Hard – By: Crazyblox (This map only can be continued by the Halloween Events.
  2. Haunted Hillside – Hard – By: disney12
  3. Spooky Gardens – Insane – By: The Infected Devs
  4. LAIR O’ LETHAL – Crazy – By: MNT_Onivirialis (temporary)

Winter Update:

  1. Dusk Snow – Easy – by: Irla_stas (left)
  2. Nothern Workshop – Normal – by: disney12
  3. Frostbite Remastered
  4. Aurora – Hard – by: Fezachi (and h5lq) (this appearently can come to this game)

Valentine Update:

  1. Fallen in Love – Normal – by: tiedgamer
  2. Salmon Prairie – Insane – by: Irla_stas (left)

April Fools Update:

  1. Easter Fields – Easy – by: Floodizized and 2 other peoples (totally)
  2. (COMING SOON) Easter Springs – Easy – by: Jullakorn_Liam

Summer Update:

  1. Sakura Gake – Easy – by: noomlek
  2. Palm Isles – Easy – by: Blinkle
  3. Coconut Bay – Normal – by: noomlek
  4. Kozui Peaks (forever) – Insane – by: Electroblast199
  5. Era Tides – Crazy – by: Theoquertz
  6. Lighthouse – Crazy – by: Guest_34821 (IF THE WARP AROUNDS HAS BEEN REMOVED)

Birthday Anniversary Update:

  1. Luscious Landing – Easy – by disney12
  2. Candyland (V2) – Easy – by: TimmieTRM
  3. Celebration Shaft – Crazy --"by: lolikbenhier (IF THE IMPOSSIBLE WALL JUMPS HAS BEEN FIXED)

That’s all of arguments!

Arguments for Halloween.

(arguments will be Followed)

  1. Candy Corn Stat! Candy Corn is propably Orange with White stripe, it can be supported by Earnings Ability of the first Argument.
  2. (DISASTER) Ghosts! If you were on the maps they’re on the Halloween Event, then the Ghost appears when you are on maps they are from the event section procceed by the Halloween Events.
  3. (DISASTER) The Hand (likes Deathrun)! Looks likes a Hand were following likes Roblox Deathrun when you are in the map. The Hand can move slowly cause in R.D. is the Hand slowly tho. If you beat the map, then the Hand will not attacks you for now. The Hand will appears if the 15 Seconds are up of Time. If you are closer of the Hand, the Hand will attacking you. But only for Halloween Specials.

Arguments for Winter

  1. Daily Gifts! Well if the Day is over, then the Daily Gift shows you if you propably just played the FE2 Game. But the Daily Gifts are objective, then you will earn Coins, XP and sometimes gems. It’s only can supported for December, January and February.
  2. Resque Santa! Yes, Santa only will gives Gifts! If Santa is in the Resque Escapee, then you should resque him to survive the map. If you survive the map, Santa gives you a Gift. And then you will get Coins, XP and Gems! Normally, for resquing a Escapee will gets 7 gems but for resquing the Santa gets 7 × 2 = 14 Gems. It’s only can be supported for December. January and February can’t, then Santa is gone for a while.
  3. Winter revamp of Maps! Yes, if it is Winter. Then the other maps will get Snow, snow are’nt …

Looks likes 31 Arguments made by me can mostly appeared to the game!
Then I think it will reach 5.000 Players to play OR 10.000 Players for a chance.

Tips and Warnings:

  • :warning: Crystal Caverns MOSTLY need to updated! :warning:
  • :bell: (INSANE) Annihilated Academy and Kozui Peaks needs to be added in List :bell:
  • :warning: Lighthouse needs to don’t have Warp Arounds and Impossible Wall Jumps! Or Crazyblox will not add this into the Game. :warning:
  • :bell: Coins, Gems, XP Ability needs to be added. Then the game will a bit fun! :bell:
  • :bell: If Crazyblox want to have 100K+ Players, then Crazyblox need to plan how to reach them into 100K+ Players. :bell:

That’s all! I hope I will play more Arguments for reaching more than 100K+ Players. Let’s see how to do this!

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magma is practically the same thing as lava though :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

but theres already a ldm in fe2 tho

I literally crossed powerups off, and
Im talking about speed pads without scripting

i said super ldm

Now THAT would just be annoying


how tf would you make those
you need to make them scripted to work??

Well these 10 creations I made works, I’ve scripted.
but it’s on my created game called “Speed Run Ultimate | Legacy” but it’s W.I.P.

Look at this picture.


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Yes please.

What would super LDM look like exactly?

Neat idea but I’m not sure how you’ll properly execute using these in maps.

I think it looks fine the way it is personally.

I second this.

I’d love to see this as well but Crazy probably doesn’t have much time on his hands.

when 90 percent of crazy maps are low-effort buffs XDXD;XDX,D!!!



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Lol what