[Inoc's General Post] (A post where I just talk about things.)

Why. Is. Everyone. Doing. This. Trend.

Idk just gonna post some of my map work on here.

I. don’t. really. know.

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its not a trend, instead of making thousands of posts, you can make a one and post everything in this post related to you, so. also after my main will unbanned, i will make that thing though


So cause there’s a trend you do it

-Complains then gets into the bandwagon Yea ok

I am putting too much overdetail. Am I?

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For me it’s fine. Maybe you can reduce the amount of bricks in the first picture?

Flexing be like:

Future is bright v15 is fun to use. Just waiting for Future is Bright phase 3 so this looks better.


Future is bright v15 (unions dont load for some reason):


I hope I can building like you in future…

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I didn’t want to revive Burning Ruins post, but I’m just gonna say one small thing.

Burning Ruins Original BGM was Freedom Planet - Final Dreadnought 2 (aka Old Cave System Music)


“Possible tho”

Bored here is some stuff I might make for fun tho.

Overflow Revamp, but with old gameplay.

Old Overflow, but with Revamp gameplay.

I’m too bored. I might do it for fun I guess.

WIP map. Valley Fields. I might finish this soon if I can.

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the v15 picture looks like it had legacy neon and reflections

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Wait, and your secret map?

Might convert some of my maps into TQ:FE maps, due to how TQ:FE map test doesn’t have as much maps on release.

Starting with Treacherous Winter. Nothing is changed when I convert it.

Something to say, but Old Cave System Remake is coming. Being worked on myself rn. Idk if my friends like Fed and Mikey can help with the remake, which they can if they want to.

This remake will be posted on the map creations category.

Which will include the map’s own id if I can reserve a slot for the map. Instead of putting it in my early testing maps model.

Parts that may be difficulty to remake.

The pointlight on a player. If you didn’t noticed, the pointlight is on a player when playing the old version. Which pointlights are inserted on a player with a script.

The Camera Manipulation for swimming area.

Hard, but I can try.

Some stuff may or may not be accurate in this remake. So except a map post about this remake in like a while.

Also more people are playing FE1 more than FE2

Im gonna play it because I’m bored