Inoc's Map Remakes development post and stuff

So uhhh, remember that post when I said, request me any map to remake and ill remake it.

Well there is one map that has never been requested.

Cave System. I requested myself to make it and now, everyone wants me to make it.

so uhh wish me luck on this.

Map List of some categories:

Forsaken Neon (Reworked)
The Overflow
Cave System old (Reworking atm)
After The Glorious
Lava Tower (Alpha ver)
Malevolent Crossing
Volcanic Chaos
After Overdrive
Grumble Volcano
Tower K.O.D.


Danger Facility
Sandstone Catacombs
Marine Facility
Hidden Forest
A fight of the flood
Abandoned Lava Mines (Oldest ver)


Try remaking:

Death Moon
Dimension Machine
Moon Adventure
Laser Room
Platinum Adventure
Buck Force
Duelo Mastero

Just some levels I think are cool

Ok. Since the map is in GD, I’m gonna have to make it look 2D while making the map (Like Stereo Madness remake in FE2)

I can change the walkspeed a bit but the sync won’t be exact I guess.

You just have to like use the theme of the gd levels in the maps and make it look similar to the level.
You can include 2d parts tho

Ok. So uhhh, Forsaken Neon Remake is not being worked on right now, but the remake will get more accurate. I have stopped working on it due to how hard is to remake the map. So I can’t remake some maps alone.

Right now, it’s gonna be improved soon, so wait I guess.

Also, Since I was working on a layout for a map collab with me and error, the layout looks complete but I’m not sure.

I can probably work on forsaken neon again. I will keep the credits that worked or formerly worked on it, and probably make the main room more accurate to the original version.

It’s just that I want to remake a great map creation. Which I did. But I’ll make it more better and try to make it look like the original which means I have to watch the video on very high quality to see all the details.

Do you like the song?

remake effulgent repu-


I need help remaking old cave system.


So, if I finish old cave system, I’ll release the id to the public along with a forum post on the remake.

I may add or not add the camera manipluation since I can’t script that good. So right now I’ll just remake the map.

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Ok, first room of cave system is finished kinda.

The door doesnt look as wide as I saw from videos recording the map, so I’ll change that.

2nd room will be done soon if I finish it.


Umm yes I do.

(Late reply but ok)

Also not remaking Forsaken Neon from GD, I am remaking the one in FE2 by Henry.

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wait this was old cave system
I don’t feel old anymore lol

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Revive. Suggest me maps to remake now.

And willing of need of help.

Remaking After The Glorious now (original by Michael228p) since zappy’s version gas different gameplay

Btw After the Glorious remake is finished

Post of the map is found here:

Also working on another remake. Volcanic Chaos by Rezidy! (Requested by RBLX_Deminated and LimeVendetta (aka Vinnesoul))

Here is some progress:

W.I.P. and not playable for testing.

Will work on this more tho.

Also next remake will be Malevolent Crossing by Awesome3_Eric!

(Requested by Brendoss, aka some person)

could you remake the following:

after overdrive (very old version of afterdrive)
overdrive facility (very old version of underdrive)

altho i might make these myself especially a.o. but im kinda lazy and sandstorm map dev so basically :grimacing:

Maybe I could remake em.

Probably after I finish Volcanic Chaos and Malevolent Crossing Remakes.

:thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

I’ve never seen this version before.

Also Liam (or Noobie in this forum) is probably the only one to record this.

Also I don’t think there is further footage than that.

Also about the scripts in maps not being allowed no more, except EventScript. This may have affected my forsaken neon remake. But since I use a separate script for testing the sync in studio which helps me gets me to time it right. I can put it in EventScript (EventString won’t work probably)