InocularGang Thing

Welcome to some topic I guess. This avatar trend was originally started by @ErrorGlitchNotFound ngl he cool.

So what is this trend about. You make your avatar look like me basically.

This trend was like not really known like back in July or mid late 2020. It looked pretty fun ngl

And ima revive it

The point is you make your avatar into this. Aka my gamer outfit

Kinda like here lol:

So welcome to da Inoc gang

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Pls reply to the funny plspslspslsls

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Bet you can’t make my avatar.

I have to do the gamer avatar since if I do my iconic one (aka the one with that obc hat)

Then not everyone got the obc hat (since premium exists now, not builders club)


how about this
try to make yours look like this

Also Is A Custom Character I’ve Made