Insert your speedrun results here! =D


Graveyard Cliffside

Lava Tower

Enter any map you want!

Ok I might tmr when I get my iPad
Also is this solo
Cuz I dont have vip

Can we do map test speedrun maps too or no.

I will du hardes mop sala

I men costal ties

Do anything you want.

Like how dare you copy my speedrun post.

haha yes

can we use illegal shrtcuts

(shortcuts skipping more than 3 jumps such as the pillar skip on dsforest)

let me try one.

Use whatever shortcut you want.

Axiom 1:01:68 with controller (I forgot to publish the video to YouTube)

Fede did it in 0:42 actually.

I completed Axiom in 0:47.

Can we use double jump for Maptest speedruns?

Unless you don’t want it to count, no.

flex time

i’m too good at blue moon >_<

That’s at least 5th place on the leaderboard.

Beneath The Ruins



Gloomy Manor