Insert your speedrun results here! =D

That’s it. I going to map test RIGHT NOW!


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@FedeDoesStuff you thought your run was far from others…


I never did and why ping

ping cuz why not

No it was just to let you know I’m as good as you. You also had a run of 0:42.

Oh nice

i wil speedrun map making kit!!!11

omg omg really? good luck :exploding_head:

back when you didnt have to press buttons to finish a map i’m sure i did a run of 4 seconds
i don’t remember though it was like july 2018

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For MMK?

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what a pro :flushed:

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I should try speed running tbh


I did a run of 40 seconds in lost woods


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You said you were doing speedruns for no reason lol

This is a reason.

Not really I was just on Irla’s vip to get to BM and do it solo then I decided to do speedruns

Take a picture of your BM speedrun, please.

we need quality content and more of it

I didn’t speedrun bm and got it once p

Brwinpa joined while I was trying to do solo speedruns lol