Status: Feel Free to play

Description of Map
MapName - InTerror
MapDifficulty - Easy-Med Crazy
MapMusic - Creo - Endless
MapID - 6lhz/m1
MapCreators - Mckenzie_Flynn17, TheESPPlayerSeemoney(me), Loosat

Pictures / Videos of Map-

First Tower
Room (2nd On Final)
Final Tower

needs more detail on the walls, platforms and floor. I think you can do good, keep going! try to find more things you can add to make this a fun and detailed map.

The map needs more details everywhere but you’ll get better!

The map requires more detail. For 1st picture, try to add decorations like crates. 2nd picture is Ok, try to replace black wall with something else. 3rd picture it taste bland, try to add decorations. and the final picture looks… Blocky… Try to not to use corroded material on the map, it doesn’t look nice

Try to add light ambients

How do I explain this. Ok well 1st it needs more detail on the walls. 2nd the last image makes it look very un-appealing with those corroded material. Also don’t tell me those corroded wrap arounds are actually wrap arounds :eyes:

cool but hard., watch my vid

hi xd