Introducing Crazybot 2

Introducing Crazybot 2, the replacement for Crazybot.

Why the change?

Crazybot V1 was built using the open source Red-DiscordBot project. Red-DiscordBot was an open source Discord bot allowing users to modify it to their liking and create “cogs” (plugins).

Crazybot 2 is built on Discord.JS, you can read more about Discord.JS here. Because Crazybot 1 was built on Python whereas Crazybot 2 is built on JavaScript, this allows us to make use of packages such as Roblox.JS and integration to the Crazyblox Games Forum.

This does mean there will be some features missing from Crazybot 2 these include -

  • Music commands
  • Money games

A replacement currency and bank system is in the works

Commands -
[p] = ; (The Crazybot Prefix)
Commands are not case sensitive


[p]ping - Request a response from Crazybot with response times included.
[p]myavatar - Responds with a large high-quality version of your profile picture.


[p]crazyblox - Responds with an embed of information of Roblox user Crazyblox.


[p]fe1 - Responds with an embed of information of the Roblox game Flood Escape 1.
[p]fe2 - Responds with an embed of information of the Roblox game Flood Escape 2.


[p]forum - Responds with an embed of information about the Crazyblox Games Forum.

Wallet (New)

(Currently, there are no “awarding” commands, I’m still working and planning ideas on how you can earn gems)

[p]wallet-convert - Converts your balance from Crazybot 1 to Crazybot 2.
[p]wallet-register - Creates a wallet.
[p]wallet-balance - View your wallet balance.


How Would The Music Work? Also Really Cool!

that looks cool!

Omg looks so cool!

so prefix is ;
how about new prefix?

  • Old Prefix
  • New Prefix
  • Both

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The prefix is the same as the old one, I have no plans to change this as it’s just going to confuse users.

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Nice and I like game

Both and New Prefix!

So what’s “Both”’s Prefix?

old/same: ;
new: -;
my could be:
old/same: ;
new: -:

Of course JavaScript

liek roblox admin commands

;fly me


So Crazyblox, how do you get the currency?And what is it for?I haven’t been active on discord for that long and i haven’t seen the change.

because you are missing music in your bot, use ytdl-core and find a way to use it.
or you can stick with dyno.