(Is and probably not useless topic) Gonna feel sad for these people who fell for this robux scam

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Why doesnt Roblox delete them yet.

I remember when there was a game that legitimately gave you Robux (the game probably got taken down by now)

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That was like 3 months ago to be exact.

Really hope they were alts

MightyMouse doesn’t look like one though…

that account was probably compromised and then used as a bot to fill up the server

yeah it could be that too

Ngl it would be smart if they made those users fake chat

Like those weird fake chats in free robux scams with like Roblox or builder man

They did use fake chat for this, it’s just not in the frame.


the group that made the “REBEX” game is probably down by now. yet you have these stupid games that just torment or compromise several accounts that stay up for YEARS.

very stupid

Maybe they haven’t keyed their password yet
But I pray for dem to have their account