Is it possible to do game.ServerScriptService.LoadStringEnabled = true?

Is it possible or impossibledrive (no) to do the
game.ServerScriptService.LoadStringEnabled = true?


i think not, is it scriptable?

You can enabled LoadString but you need to aware because exploiter can run any script using loadstring() Instance. But you can’t enabled it by using a script.

it only can be possible to use in solo

wait how
how can it :b:e enabled?

Well i tried it before by enabling Loadstring on game.ServerScriptService by using script but didn’t work

Crazyblox should enable LoadStringEnabled
If not, then i will have to try enable it

I don’t know if he enabled loadstring on his game or not :V

example for Pastebin:
loadstring(game:HttpGet("https://pastebin.com/raw/PASTEBINCODE", true))()

Well it can load but its client not server it think :V

game:GetHttp() does not work.

I have no any idea what game:GetHttp() is.

Boy you cannot enabled it by using a script

answers no

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You need to enable it manually, not by script. It is in the property of ServerScriptService