Is Sugar_Void ok?

uhh… ive noticed something very abnormal with @AVISA_VisSugar, its like she wants to get banned/warned. Are you ok?


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This countryball it’s cute, I don’t know why…

That’s wonderful! I always wanted this problem to go away!

By problem I mean me! By you addressing it, you are able to stop it.

My countryballs are meant to be charming.

Oh sorry, back to this topic now.

Are you crazy? Why would I want to flag a friend of mine?


I have no friends.


Do platforms count? I don’t know.

I add random person’s, can I call it friends?


Also, if you wanna know what Countryball I am posting, it is Mali.

Oh okay.

I know what flag that is. I’m good with flags. (Someone quiz me with flags lol)

Read this. The aftermath of my actions. I always have talks like this after my terrible freakouts but something was different about this one. And mostly importantly, something was different about how I was acting during this freakout.


you shouldnt spam the same countryball everywhere

it’s just a Countryball with a diffrent face zoomer


bro im a Gen Z

Now it seems you guys are going off topic so yes I’m okay. You can probably delete this post now considering the fact that this post is kinda going downhill. Sorry for replying but I just had to put that out there.

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