Is this a joke or bug? Skin weird "transformation"

I was just playing and when i joined pro server my skin first transform into noob skin, then to THOMAS TRAIN. My shirt replaced with thomas pictures lol. What the- what was that? Its bug or in-game thing thats a joke


This definitely has nothing to do with FE2. And by that I mean that wasn’t caused by the game.

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its probably a roblox bug or someone hacking

most likely somebody hacking

yeah same thing happens to me occasionally. It’s weird

it happen so fast and screenshot dont show that thing.

Ok. It was so funny… i didint do screenshot with it bc it appeared for a second. Maybe something is wrong with roblox system… shirt replaced with thomas train pictures :joy:

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Nah i saw some posts like that but only about something like just noob skin before it load. I got thomas train LOL

the thomas train is strange but noob skin is understandable lol

Maybe it happen bc this guy from lb? I transform to the same thomas train skin when i spawn. I think its roblox bug or something but im not sure.