Its dripperoniz general post

NOTE: if you post nsfw here, please get a life

well i was powertenders but i changed my username cuz dripperoniz sounds better lol

im just gonna post whatever a general post does

also feel free to ask me anything, there’s still a lot of ppl i dont know too well here xd

ok now thats out of the way, i am also a map builder. i will be posting creations, so here are some of the creations i’ve made from mid-late 2020:

2053 Timeline Progress (Dec 29 2020):

Perilous Springs (v3) —> Frozen Settlement (v3) —> Boltzone (v2.5)* —> Distinct Unit (v2.5) —> ??? —> ??? —> Upcoming Map, release around Jan/Feb 2021 —> ???

* Will undergo a remake in the future.
Text = Will be replaced


what is 1+1

11 or 2 idk

It’s one.


what is that lol

for all i care it’s a stock photo i got off of the internet showing somebody buying 15 boxes of cheese puffs from whatever store that is

green cheese puffs

which one looks cooler


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idk glow trees


you making maps again? if so then that’s really nice

yessir i am,

wow that is so Drip :fire: :fire: erroniz

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who is drip and erroniz and why are they dancing around a fire

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we did it
we found the man from the maths problems

it took 2 hours to build this hallway >_<


woahhhh damn you went insane with aesthetics here

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yea i used the phase 3 future lighting

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no cap this looks insane and has very epic geometry

thx lol but wtf the unions dissappeared when i reloaded sutdio