It's time I reveal who I truly am

You heard the title. You read it. It’s time for me to really reveal who I actually am.

I’m Vis and recently I’ve been going through a lot of trauma. This has been affecting me and others in a bad way. Last Friday, I found out that there isn’t a demon controlling me, nor am I depressed. I have a personality disorder. What I found out is that switching to alter ego (my other personality that’s mean and cruel) helps me calm down. I feel so much guilt whenever I am like this.

The more angry I get, the worse I become. I’ve been asking people why they care about me and why they aren’t leaving me alone. I realized that asking more questions about who I am and whether I’m real or not just corrupts me. And what’s worse is that this has been happening for a long time and I never realized it. I solely remember in my mind in 6th grade that I wanted to kill someone. But I never did. It’s only now that the effects really took me over. I’ve never revealed any of this information at all and that’s because I was too scared to reveal it. I solely feel like I’m an attention seeker. A toxic, toxic, attention seeker.

Everyone needs to remember this…

The inside is never at all the same as the outside.

All I really need to do is control my anger and most importantly, control my thoughts. Because whatever I think in my head, I do it in the real world.


It’s ok. If you need a break, feel free to do it since you’re allowed. And if you get mad at yourself again, here’s something.

We all care for you. You’re a great person both in the forums and discord. Don’t let you down.

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hOLY cheese
This is like a Netflix serial but in CG Forum
ok i’m just kidding
Just like Fedora said, don’t let anybody control you and don’t get yourself down.

Don’t worry I understand

stop calling me fedora. it isnt funny

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Thank you for telling us this Visual!

sigh, its ok; dont be afraid to speak your thoughts on what is happening.

It’s ok…

Everybody has their errors…

i’m a muffin predicting it’s muffin time ohh i’m a muffin-

i like that name
it makes you sound ancient

Can we at least stop with the name-calling and focus on the topic?


Now it happens randomly and is out of my control. Maybe I am just annoying you guys…

I don’t get it
Why do you want us to be annoyed by you?

Kinda do have something like that, but I don’t do it over the internet, I get mad in the really world sometimes over the little things.

Which kinda breaks my quote “ok salty”, but usual I’m more mello, and I feel bad what your going throught its hard keeping that anger in sometimes and I think all of us went through being randomly angry sometimes.

Did anyone else think this was going to be an alt revealing who their main was?

guys don’t worry, vis is fine now


lol yes