(Jailhouse!) FE2 Map Test - Old Map Remakes (+ Revamps) ⌛

Hello. We, @federoblox244, @RadioDashGames, @Tabby, @xF_L, @Phexonia, @Vis & @RBLXDenimated are The Old Map Remakers.

What is our purpose?

Well, we basically want to bring old MapTesting back! There were a lot of good maps back then, we have finished 1 so far. Let’s get into it!

Also this is the new post since Tab’s post commit broke :joy:

Secret Facility (Hard) (Revamp + Remake)

Update Log (30/12/2019):

Added the map to the forum post.

Map Information:

Creators: Dr_Right2 + The Old Map Remakers
Difficulty: Medium Hard
ID: 4367161358
Soundtrack: Velocity X2 - Jintinda Labs

Remake + revamp of Secret Facility by Dr_Right2, this is our first remake by the new map remakers, and we’re happy on how it turned out!






Jailhouse (Underground) | Remaster (Hard) (Revamp + Remake)

Update Log (28/1/2020):

Added the map to the forum post.

Map Information:

Creators: Dr_Right2 + The Classic Creators
Difficulty: Hard/ish Hard
ID: 4367161358
Soundtrack: Kevin Macleod - Harmful or Fatal

Remake + revamp of Jailhouse Underground by Dr_Right2, with a new room and new decorations! The map got discontinued but we managed to finish it :grinning:



First Room — The Jail


Second Room — I don’t really know what this is. Storage?

Third Room — The vent. Here you’ll get to the outside part.


Fourth Room ---- The outside part. The second last part of the map, and this leads to the last room, the cave.


Fifth (Final) Room ---- The cave. This room is pretty simple, you can do it!

More maps to come, note, we are not only remaking Dr_Right’s maps!

Our next project MAY be Sinking Submarine, so take a look at the post when it’s done :wink:

Pretty much dedicated to some of the old FE2MapTesters such as Pomdigna 123, Dr_Right2 and others :slight_smile:

Now this is epic.



and i will not change it now lol


darn it radio stop

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when you vote for some reason

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did drright2 let you guys remake his maps

Yeah, that’s my question. Did Dr_Right2 give you permission?

You know, thats a very good question.

read thus part.

I’ve said it before;

Cause Nennai said you couldn’t remake her maps, that doesn’t mean anyone else won’t.

Dr_Right2 probably doesn’t care as people remake his maps (Ludi’s Water Accident remake, Dr_Right2 didn’t get mad)

And most quit. This is just for fun. If dr_right says we should delete it, we delete it.

but that doesnt answer my point
my q. is if he gave perms

I mean, we’re not claiming his maps as ours. I don’t wanna quote what I just said so I’ll just say “above.”

I also forgot to mention, when Ed remade AALM (AALM Retro too) I’m pretty sure Dr_Right2 never said anything.

will be impossible to make them think about it like literally

i said this a lot, just cause nennai didnt want her maps remade it doesnt mean anyone else wont want their map remade.

An example here is ShadokuSan. lol

Above yours lmao

i literally opened up one of the tabs and the nostalagia hit me hard


So you remake maps. I got one interesting one for you.
Remake Forsaken Neon. (the one map that syncs with music)

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Ill probably script, but my scripting is like for building or decor.
Edit: I’ll try my best, but ima try to remake forsaken neon. I’ll try to script to make the map sync with the music.

Most of the remake are bad, u could add more details so as make the rooms less blocky

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