Jar’o Ghost (Tank)

Information :ghost:

  • It is a jar with a ghost inside it. In order to catch the haunted ghost, you need to catch it with the blood plasma sword (Red Plasma Sword (R-16) Tank), use the sword to slice its body to half then use the jar button to seal the ghost.

About the tank :ghost:

  • Category: Tank
  • Parts: 5 parts (Including a beam and a ParticleEmitter, a decal and 3 mesh parts, pointlight)

Were you inspired by my tank?

What do you mean? I never inspired someone

I said were YOU inspired by my tank

You mean this? [Tank] - Haunted Grave (5th Update)

Yep lol

ofc no. I never take any inspiration form FE2 player. It was inspired by an item from a game

Ummmm… ok : )

it’s literally just a ghost emoji with low transparency put into a sphere. smh people find this a tank

Ik the ghost is Facebook emoji but the jar isn’t a sphere.