JOKE: im sorry i admit i steal asset to create hyper v3

yes… like you heard… i stole from tria resurgo and electrical malfunction for hyper speed v3…
i really really have no thing to say. i sory me not mean. to
yes here proof i stole…

again me so sorry. i literally am sorry to tria team, em
and embot
ethan, tria team plz forgive me.
okay no im done with this.
not that funny LOL


arrest this woman

where are the stolen assets

For real I don’t see any related to tria or em.

Or they are just modified.

It’s ok, we make mistakes

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am i allowed to ping ethan and azerty

Is this why you kept pinging Ethan and bothering him about some assets in EM

did nobody know this was a joke post

mamam for ritot

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why are you all dumb and cant understand jokes, really surpriced not even billie got it

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i actually got the joke tho

omg you is steal??? :cry: i am Repot :rage: :x:
(yes ik it is a joke)

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reot thesd woemn

lol ok

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Did you actually steal assets to create this map?

Edit: @Fl0odie DMed me on Discord saying it was meant to be a joke. Try and be careful in the future. I don’t want any more false alarms

It’s a complete joke, Sorry if you took it seriously.
And also sorry for the late response.

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thats a joke

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joke lol.