JToH Tower coming soon

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ok so basically i’ve been working on a jtoh tower for the past week or so. and i’m sick and tired of waiting to reveal it so i’ll just do a sneak peek now.

name - Tower of Terrestrial Exploration (ToTE)
progress - !!!complete!!!
parts - around 1600
theme - going from core of the earth to space


bottom view

top view

lower frame

upper frame



is the tower verified? yes, all current obby is verified.

what is the difficulty? i’m honestly uncertain, but from what i’ve seen so far, i’m gonna rate it about hard to challenging.

is the game released yet? no, i have not released the game yet.

if so, then when are you planning to release it? around early october, when i should be finished with the development.

update log

0.1 september: began development of tower
0.2 september: completed floor 5
0.3 september: modified floor 3 gameplay, floor 6 development completed
0.4 september: added morphers to floor 7, easter egg, modified frame of floor 3 and floor 4
0.5 september: tower has too many morphers (lol), reached floor 8
0.6 september: modified overall frame
0.7 september: modified floor 9-10 frame
0.1 october: added lobby, modified overall frame
0.2 october: modified floor 9 gameplay
0.3 october: deleted lobby, development finished

diary log

“Looks like progress is slowing down. We might not be able to finish this before the end of the month. This is what I get for being too realistic, I suppose…” (0.1 september)

“Looking sweet! I’ve just got the realism key off my hands, since I’ve made it to floor 9. Now I can go haywire and finish this quicker. Happy to be in the sky section now.” (0.2 september)

"And just like that, we’re on floor 10. Wow! This went faster then I predicted. Can’t wait for the final result. (0.1 october)

Finally complete! Took long enough! (0.2 october)

and yea, that’s the end

like subcribe comment

or you will find my pet apple under your bed tonight

nice. I have a question too. What is the difficulty gonna be for this tower?

i’m aiming for about hard-challenging

oh okay. For some reason when I get a PC and make a tower, I wanna plainly make it a catastrophic. Lol.

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so i’m guessing 13-stud jump spam?

Nah, not really. Not really a spam. Unless that’s the point of catastrophic towers :thinking:

i don’t think so lmao

but if you want to, go crazy

nah I’d do it if I were bored or make it a stress reliever.

lol since this is abt jtoh towers

here’s mine

RobloxScreenShot20200920_142315946 RobloxScreenShot20200920_142325108


this is mine


both of them look sicko

but i’m very new to tower making

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holy crap

that looks amazing

okay that looks extremely amazing.

@DMinecraft999 @CrystalTokyo

Are yours in the game?

Dumb question

no lol

I told you it was a dumb question.


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can i at least have the link for the game

It isn’t done so uhhh

tower troubles

i just figured out that i’m working on the tower slower than i expected, so the release might be delayed to late october-early november. sorry for the rush.