Jungle Jumble 🌴 [20 votes!]

Gathering Support, Whitelisted
Description of Map
another jungle map
11n*jn1 (contains other maps) new ID coming soon
new update!
-added sand
-nerfed double walljump
-slowed down water beam
-removed herobrine
Pictures / Videos of Map-
new terrain fix:

new pics:

i like the atmosphere of it, i think some work on the wall terrain would be nice but other than this looks pretty good


if im being honest terrain can be improved, maybe some statues, but this is good

can be improved in various areas like the trees

dang this actually looks pretty good
but yeah some details seem to big, and terrain could be improved a little

already improved

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The walls could use a little detail, but otherwise the map looks awesome!

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thx I just revamped the terrain a little

honestly this feels too difficult for a medium map. The amount of wall jumps and tricky jumps in general is annoying

I feel like there is too much open space. Take Oriental Grove, for example. It has enough space that you can enjoy the detail, BUT it’s not filled with TONS of empty space. Other than that, nice job on the map!

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this looks decent
however the main problem about this map is that it looks, too generic

there isn’t really anything special in terms of detail and it looks somewhat empty so here are some suggestions

  • add a fitting skybox
  • possibly change the ambience and the fog colour
  • vines
  • random terrain beside other terrain platforms

Great job Mar_Plays! I really like the details.

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looks pretty good, but like EVERYONE said, walls can be improved

also try to add a background, like mountains

Add something new to differentiate it from other jungle maps, and change the transparency of the water. Great map!

vines I already have
and the other stuff ill think about it

I suggest more details on buildings not only decoration. Also it looks cool! Platforms are kinda big :expressionless: Place dummy on things if you making platforms because its so big like medium map. Make water a bit more transparent. Platforms are gigantic! Studio camera has other view and size than player. I suggest making it smaller…

Im confused ot in this map xd! I’m also like this map lol cuz I like map theme like this xd!

ik that i used a dummy of myself to measure things


the title of this map is already used, but good map

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no they changed the map name