Jungle Safari

Status: Finished, and waiting to be reviewed

ID: 1349120538
MAP: https://www.roblox.com/library/1349120538/FE2-Jungle-Safari-by-PeriDamon

Jungle Safari is a hard map, it brings players to a jungle safari area, except the jungle is flooding. Make your way through the jungle with challenging jumps. High Tech areas, pumps? In a jungle? Make your way through the map and get to the end before its too late.


  • Map is finished, not too short
  • Details are great!
  • Most of the jumps are within difficulty
  • Music fits with the map


  • Very little room for error
  • Lava rises too fast
  • Arrows, in the beginning, are misleading
  • Jumps in the 2nd picture are a little compact

are the trees free models? Im just asking so i know

There probably isn’t looking at the rest of the map.


Must have song name

That’s plagarism!!!

commit nostalgia