Jupiter [Crazy]

Status: Whitelisted, complete, gathering feedback, detail is going to continue to be added
Map ID: 5742584999

Map Information -

Name: Jupiter
Difficulty: Crazy
Description: You’re stuck on Jupiter - find a way out!

Hi! This is my second attempt in making a decent map. This was inspired by Blue Moon and I thought it would be nice to create another planet map. The walls of this map were originally brown, but thanks to @ThaDogeTho, he suggested for me to change them. I took feedback from my first map and hopefully this looks better than it.

Looking for feedback!

I’m open to any name change suggestions, since a lot of people are saying that you can’t really step on Jupiter. O_O

Pictures of map: [with updated photos]

Maps that exist:
Jupiter (This map)

Me: I’m gOnnA maKE EaRth1!!1


you forget moon or aka Blue Moon

Me: I’m gonna make Uranus

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funny, I could definitely try to find a different name or make the name more interesting. have any suggestions?

And I thought Jupiter is a gas planet. ok

I got no name ideas sorry

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i didn’t bother to even do any research on Jupiter, i just thought the name was cool

Uh Jupiter is a gas planet meaning there is on ground so uhhhh

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i edited the post to include name suggestions, if you want to suggest for a name change, let me know

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when jupiter is a gas planet :pensive:

+1 vote

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unfortunately i cant think of any rocky objects in space that is both blue, red and grey so uhhh

There is…
Earth (like all the maps)
Moon (but Blue)

Maps that are missing:

Anyways this looks outstanding


cool but idk how i feel abt red rooms

is this even possible just saying cause i can’t make it to the wall jumps in the third room

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if a lot of people say they can’t, it’s something I’ll fix

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Thanks for fixing the wall jump issue. Also, the red room seems a bit too red, it is kind of blinding. I suggest toning down the red to a lighter pink or something. It also doesn’t really fit well with the green lavafall.

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Jupiter is a gas planet. maybe you could name it after Jupiter’s most well-known moon, Europa?

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thanks for your feedback, the red room is something I will improve!

awesome suggestion, it’s something I’ll consider!

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why aren’t you making people fall through the endless cloud atmosphere

the detail looks okay, but the terrain should be in more of an orange-shaded chroma to fit the atmosphere of jupiter a bit better.

the gameplay could also be good, but i haven’t tried it yet so i’m not sure.

the realism sucks, you should be falling through the clouds on jupiter since its a ga- gas- :cowboy_hat_face: :joy: :flushed: gas giant.

other than that, okay map, needs a bit more details but overall good

i still plan to improve the map. a lot of people said that Jupiter is a gas planet so it wouldn’t make sense, but when I tried to think of a map name I didn’t overthink it