Kill hacks?! [video]

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A hacker joined server to kill us. We was playing crazys but he was having fun killing us all and make us be stuck on hard maps. By the way. This hacker in on APRIL LEADERBOARD. He was cheating, exploiting and he is #1 Its unfair. Hacker: voizki

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how the hell is possible

That hacker is first on april lb BUT HE WAS HACKING idk how he killed us and how he is on lb when he use cheats and exploits…

he wants to solo it + get all buttons for xp and win all rounds

no. He killed all except his friends.

umm… ok theory failed

That’s a new one ._.

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what if the friends were using the exploits so he could win


Hackers get on lb thats not new. what is new is that its a kill hack. and i dont think its patched so i think, they can be on the leaderboard cause the anti-cheat doesnt detect any issues cause the hack isn’t patched. maybe i am wrong
but that is my opinion

i dont think its even possible to patch this hack, cuz dying is usual, and there’s no way to detect if a person is killing, or a person is dying on their own

You shouldn’t be able to kill others on your own client because what you’ll see on your client is all of the other players’ body parts will just fall over and won’t be able to come back, but on the other players’ clients, they’re still normal. Possibly due to an insecure remote? because that’s the only thing that seems plausible as I don’t have the slightest idea as to what else would cause this and why.

Crazy would need to investigate the issue in his game.

And technically you can detect if they died on their own by using a Bindable event with a registered core script callback named “ResetButtonCallback” which invokes a Bindable event upon resetting and it’s pretty easy to tell if the player drowned.

However, there are other possible causes of dying, such as trying to teleport to the exit where the game will kill you and meanly ridicule you with the text “no lol” on your screen, and also the anti-cheat that prevents you from no clipping


but what if there is a remote event which triggers when you die in flood escape 2, and sets your health to 0

if that is true then the way this system works is very inefficient and needs to be reworked

That doesn’t make any sense. It’s pointless to have a remote be invoked when you die to have your health set to 0 because you’re already dead. You wouldn’t need a remote to kill a player anyway because you can kill them on both the client (on their own client of course) and server

Anyway, at that point, you’d already know that this remote would’ve been the cause of death since you can easily notify that the event was the cause of death, for example: printing to the output. This also goes the same way generally without a remote


Yeah the remote makes practically no sense, but how else would the exploiter be able to do it

In retrospect, a remote doesn’t seem as the most plausible cause as it’d be stupid to have an insecure remote that has the ability to kill other players. It’s most likely something within the internal architecture of the game. It may takes us some fiddling in the map test to determine what causes this

Also, it may seem like the exploiter(s) is doing something that lags the server to kill the players preemptively as the opening doors just sorta lag and jumps to its fully opened position as the players are getting killed


That’s a possibility too

im very rusty in scripting nowadays cuz i moved to building

kid, this hacker is a madman and he was the cause of the black screen exploit
saw “voizki?”
well check his past users



I got a mrbeast video after the vid

I find that funny that user thinks changing username makes people think that you are a different person but it shows the old usernames that you used to have lol