Lab Escape (Moved)

this post has been abandoned and moved to another topic under a different name

looking good so far, need more details and efforts.

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i dont rlly like name, might change it afterwards…

2 votes for name! Im going to update the map to see if you change your mind about the name.

I’m updating the map. Come check it out!

ehh ok then

Alright! The name has been chosen!

People, can we at least check this out? I don’t want it to be abandoned!

the map lack lots of details
the walls and floors are way too bland
add wedges to the corners of the walls

  1. Not done
  2. Not done
  3. Done

Revive pls

This is me, @NoobAtWork, your replacement profile. I gotta say, this is cool map b0i

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thanks, replacement me
aka @BuddyGamez

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talking to myself lol

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uhh, revive for almost being ded

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revive (one last time)

not working on this, so kinda abandoned

just post your opinion!

bad map not gonna lie

don’t feel down

i think it’s bad, too