Lamp thing (Tank)

Hi so I finally made another tank after like maybe a couple of months. This actually wasn’t meant to be a tank in the first place, but I decided to try the idea since why not.

Yes I know there’s like a bunch of tanks with a similar concept, but this is slightly different. It more resembles those lamps from lamp posts other rather than the typical old lantern. I don’t know if you could classify this as a Halloween themed item (since the color scheme and the mesh is quite similar), but I’ll just say this is just a normal old item.




Feedback is allowed, though I don’t plan to work on this that much.

Also help me suggest a name for this, I literally cannot come up with a name for this lol

Cool, though the end feels a bit too small.

The end is meant to be small.


Also I’m not really in favor of remaking a mesh, I don’t wanna have to adjust something small and then literally just re export it again.

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oh I see

i really love this and the little particles that come out of them are nice.

adds that extra touch to it that gives it more life.

i appreciate you showing it in both day & night. it shows off how well they look in both times.

earned my vote gg

Name Idea; Decapitated Street Lamp

wait nvm, just saw the post about the lamp end supposed to be small

ty :stuck_out_tongue: :/7/7/7/7/7

oh my good I love this

This item looks really nice, would like to see it in FE2, +1 vote from me!


sus :moyai:


Holy crap. This looks too cool! It’s also perfect for Poisonous Chasm, by the way. And I like the shape of the tank too.

Design: 10/10
Shape: 9.9/10
Effects: 9.5/10 (add a bit of sparkles??)

Overall: 11+/10
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Edit: You could name the item, Glistening Lamp.

Still accepting suggestions btw

Kinda want to make more variations (maybe not color variations because that’s kinda boring, but like other stuff like glow or something).