🌅 Laurel Sunrise

For the best Experience, Play with Max Graphics and Turn on ‘Force Rescue’!

I honestly took a lot of inspiration from such an amazing map named Mint Vale! yes the first part looks like Mint Vale a little. I averagely works on this map around 2-3 hours, cause it’s almost school for me so i have to finish it quickly. I puts alot of details and decoration to make this atleast looks good as possible. I don’t know more to say so that’s it.

You were peacefully mining in a small and well-looking cave, you turned back and realized your way is already blocked with collapsed stones. You saw a door beyond and escaped the cave from it, the outside here has a really calm atmosphere, but it’s slowly flooding. You tryna escape the this place by pressing every buttons nearby.

Map Information

  • Status: Gathering Support, Accepting Feedbacks, Whitelisted (Playable Map)
  • Map Name: Laurel Sunrise
  • Map ID: =xfvjz
  • Creator: SkyRobloxGamesVN / Kiyomi
  • BGM: Minecraft C418 - Haunt Muskie
  • Buttons: 5
  • Difficulty: Normal
  • Average Completion Time: 1:28 - 1:30
  • Part Count: 2000+ Parts
  • Instances Count: 4000+ Instances

Map Pictures

First Part (Spawn)


Second Part

***Short Cave Section***

Fourth Part

Safe Zone*



Pictures you can use for thumbnail

Thats really all! Hope you enjoy the map and hope you have a good day! ^^!

This definitely needs an instant vote ;3

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This map looks very cool! Will probably make a video showcasing this soon :smiley:

The gameplay looks fun to play for a normal map, and the design is straight up amazing.

I see you’re using a Minecraft Soundtrack for the BGM.

Overall, nice job making on this :+1:

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All feedbacks are appreciated! thank you so much! ^^

I just made a video about this amazing map, hope you enjoy ;D

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thanks, i liked lol

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of course, another good map by sky
vote time

tysm my script helper UwU

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Awesome map! I will play it soon!

I appreciate you taking inspiration from my map, really do.

+1 vote


Awesome map! it’s not confusing, and it has a design that weirdly stands out!

you earned yourself a vote from me

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Yeah, great map, gameplay and detail is very good.

my only gripe is the music doesn’t fit at all for me. but thats just me.

Deserves attention yeah

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GG! Btw i have no choices sooo… i chose my favorite Minecraft OST to handle this.

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tomorrow you would likely get 30 votes on ur map
the vote numbers are as fast as the one of abandoned graveyard lol

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this looks extremely nice

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Tysm! Be sure to vote :3

It’s not confusing?

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Glad to see another good map by my irl friend lol, extremely pog

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I should try this out cuz it looking pretty fun!

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glad to see my best friend liked this lmao