Lava going to a different position than the position I want it to be

My map has lava and doors, my lava or door always moves up and stops at a spot where I don’t want it to be.
Lib.Script.moveWater(Lib.Map._Door1, Vector3.new(-23.4, 0, 0), 7, true)

-23.4 is the position I want it to go to, but instead it goes higher than it. This always happens to me. I’m still a little noob to map creations, I don’t know what to do.

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Does the door have welds?


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You should remove them because it could cause the map to break

not that weld

Check if the door is rotated or not
then try changing the true to false if it fixes the problem

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That’s because the values are in studs, not positions

what’s the difference
It changes position by studs because studs is roblox’s main unit

First off, remove any welds from the part. If you have these, those parts will also move.

Second, anything inside the “Vector3.new()” is coordinates. With your coordinates, it is going in the x direction (left and right) and not the y direction (up and down). The number after the vector is the amount of time it takes to go up that many studs, and the true or false at the end is whether or not it can be cancelled by button functions. (Don’t quote me for that though, not fully sure.)

welds keep appearing whenever i move a part
it’s a pain to remove them

Door is probably rotated. If the door is rotated X, or Z. Try to set rotation to X = 0 and Z = 0

Turn off join surfaces in the model tab
and i don’t think weld really cause anything to break

Welds do break the map, if there is a lot

change the true at the end to false

Judging by the numbers, you are doing it wrong
Vector 3 is not coordinates
It how many studs it moves
If it is
0, 10, 0
It will move up by 10 studs
If it is
It will move 10 studs by the x axis and 50 studs up
If it is 0,-10,0
It moves down by 10 studs

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