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I tend to struggle with map layouts. I have a set theme and sometimes I even visualize the whole layout itself. But sometimes that doesn’t really work out. Once I actually start building, it’s kinda just game over. I can’t come up with good layouts for maps. I can’t think of actual gameplay. If I actually get enough motivation for a map and start actually fully building the whole thing, knowing what I’m doing, then I tend to focus more on details rather than gameplay itself. It’s either the detail is good or the gameplay is just horrible. So I need ideas of a good map layout. What makes a map fun to play? What’s good button placement? What can I do get a map with good gameplay?

I’m going for maybe Crazy difficulty, but I would also like to see some in the Easy difficulty as well.


I’ll try and give you some tips, though one of the best things to do is look at maps with the same difficulty you’re heading with, to know how to make them.

If you want to make an easy map, I think that Poisonous Valley serves as a good idea for gameplay. It has a good amount of gameplay, while making the map not free. Using trusses is pretty helpful as long as you don’t overuse. Using trusses to get to a platform and making a few jumps is a pretty good things for an easy map. Make sure the direction is clear for an easy map, and make sure it has a liquid speed that punishes the player after a while. One of the best things to do is, before releasing your map, have a friend or two play it, so they can rate the map and give you advice. The thing is, because you made the map, you know where to go, and all the jumps you need to do. Unlike the people playing the map, they’ve most likely never seen the map, and dont know where to go. That’s why having a few people playing your map before releasing it is good.

For crazy, make sure for it to be fast paced, and have fast lava. Wraparounds ae really good for crazy maps, though not long wraps, I would say 5 studs would be the map. I WOULD say that walljumps are good, but with the anti-cheat, I suggest you try to avoid using them, though you can use them. I’m not very good at crazies, so I don’t exactly know much to suggest for this, which I apologize for.

I guess that’s all I got say.

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use little to no wraparound

thats all i got lol

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I would say this: if u think the parallel wall jumps are still creative then u need rethink that lol

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There are lots of good layout ideas, however, if it’s good someone would take it. What I would do is to think of something nobody has ever done. Doing this would be harder to get the map in-game but if you want to make a unique map, this is the way to go. Think of a random theme nobody has done before, and when you come up with a good theme visualize it. Doing this, you can use moving parts, falling platforms, etc. to come up with a new idea. My WIP map uses boxes rolling on a conveyor to climb up after hitting a button. The map takes place in a factory (very original lol) so you can use the theme for gameplay.
For a Crazy map, you’ll want fast paced lava, difficult jumps, and the map would be best 1:40-1:50 solo. I strongly suggest not using wraparounds as it can trip up players who don’t know where to go and confuse players. Instead, you might want to use lava wraparounds as they are generally easier and if the lava is transparent you can figure out where to go easily. Long jumps are good, although anything longer than 15 studs isn’t recommended as you have to time it or you’ll fall, which can slow players down a lot. Wall jumps are good to use as they can be creatively used, such as Blue Moon’s horizontal wall jumping section after the tower. However, anti-cheat can be a huge pain and just teleport you to make you fall. I wouldn’t excessively use it but it would be great to use in a Crazy map.
For an Easy map, you want it to be somewhat open. It shouldn’t be really confusing. You should add lots of walking sections, too much jumping increases the chance of the player falling and dying. Similar to what I said earlier, it would be cool to use the scenery to come up with (an) unique gameplay element(s). A tree falling to block your path, rocks sliding down to fill a pit to walk over, something like that. You could even go for something more unique such as Beneath the Ruins’ lava falling in the 2nd room. Very few people would have thought of it, which made for a good gameplay element.
Just make sure the unique gameplay isn’t buggy or interfering with the smoothness of your gameplay. Thank you for reading this really long reply and go outside or something.

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look at poison chasm that has a good layout

don’t make things too cramped
sketching it out on paper can help as well
don’t spam long jumps

don’t do anything that those dumb challenge maps do
look at other maps with good gameplay idk




lol truue the first version was hell
i reduced them so its a lot easier later on

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You know all of these are helpful but what unique gameplay should I actually try and insert into the map? Not like headhitters or excessive amounts of wrap-arounds and wall jumps, like gameplay ideas that aren’t as frequently used.

Most of what I’m seeing is, “oh don’t do this” without getting any types of details on that what-so-ever. Like what makes it bad and why should I try and avoid that type of gameplay in maps?

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Wraparounds can be confusing and trip up players because they can’t see through. You could potentially fix this by making the wall transparent.
Head hitters are bad because mobile players have a hard time doing this, even with shift lock. You can fix this by making each platform smaller than the one below so players don’t have to jump out so far.
Wall jumps are somewhat bad if excessively used because it’s more likely to cause anti-cheat to think you’re hacking. You can fix this by just not using a lot of wall jumps.

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RotAG be like

Try to come up with creative themes that would work well as a FE2 level, for exampe, luxurious housing turned into a FE2 level.