Leaks of my first map

Heyo there, crazy community dudes, Im going to show you things about my first map.
| Map Details |

MapName: Precarious Jungle
BGM: Matthew L Fisher - Uganda
Difficulty: Crazy (Currently Insane)
Creator: ImmenseSkaks

Photos of the map:


Map Model: https://web.roblox.com/library/4614531590/Precarious-Jungle-WIP

| Map Description |

After You escaped Precarious Journey, you have to escape from Precarious Jungle.
This Jungle is 3X harder than Precarious Journey and very long. You and others need to escape from the jungle and escape from Extremly fast new liquid, Jungle Sand. After escaping from the jungle, there will be… Nothing? No. You will finally escape from the Precarious adventure, and there will be… End.

| Note |

This map is a fanmade sequel of KonpekiKyte (KoleTheKid1) map, Precarious Journey.

Is this Forsaken Hamlet? Or did u just discontinue it?

This isn’t. It’s a other map.

the map is a bit empty, maybe add bushes, trees, pathways, boxes, statues etc.? other than that, very n0ice for a first map.

Thats what i am going to do bud.

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show more leaks soon plz.

Oke- I got Awesome3_eric’s trees from oriental Grove.

Don’t steal models please

Oke buddy

Who knows? He may be remaking the trees?

Don’t worry, i replaced oriental grove trees with some coo coo jungle trees what i found in toolbox

don’t use free models, make ur own (unless if it’s ur own model)

This is cool
(Inspired by Blueberry by KoleTheKid1 on the end of 3 room / start of final room)

Don’t know why, but I find that funny

c u s t o m l i q u i d u s


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Hmmm. Interesting.