Leg Tank (joke)

Hello! Welcome to this post. I had an idea to make a Among Us reference as a tank. So here it is.
I took legs from my Roblox avatar and built a bone.
Screenshot_226 Screenshot_225

Screenshot_223 Screenshot_222

On a humanoid

Screenshot_229 Screenshot_228 Screenshot_227

Name: Leg Tank
Description: Yikes! How can you wear this?
Cost: 100 coins

(Not sure if joke tanks can be posted.)

Is this an Among Us reference???!!!?!!??!!! :scream: :scream: :exploding_head: :scream: :exploding_head:

funi man time
Screenshot_232 Screenshot_231
you see i found 69 group members
and i got 69 health in Garry’s mod


Omg you imposter aaaaa

I found the body! We need to plug Immy to his upper torso, head, and arms

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Have 1 impostor among us!

inocular kinda sus. vote him out

Immy has voted.

Sponge has voted. 3 remaining.

i can imagine people voting for this tank and also saying
"… has voted. … remaining

when the imposter is leg :leg:

oops sorry for revive

no problem
this is the first tank where i got votes

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