[Legacy] Treacherous Winter ❄

Status: Gathering Support, Finished, Legacy Status

Note: This map is in legacy status, which means this map will no longer get anymore updates. All suggestions or criticism given on this map will be ignored.

Description of Map
Creator: InocularGaming
Map ID: 3745763770
Difficulty: Hard
Description: A very snowy mountain which a blizzard may come at any moment.
Also this is my second map i’ve ever made so I made some improvements with my building.

Pictures / Videos of Map
Elevator Entrance:

The First Area:

First Area in another view:

Second Button:

Second Area:

Mine Entrance:


The last Area:

Videos made before map was released:
First map Preview: (Yes its old)

Second Map Preview:

federoblox244 / FedeDoesStuff

InocularGaming: (Legit me)



TeamRobloxGaming TM:

I know this map is short (and kinda rushed and I intended to make this map for chirstmas for fun) Also please give suggestions.
Ok this is the last update I’ll do for the map, The extension is like not here, but I guess I can keep the map for like 1 minute long to complete.

This is REALLY cool, but the lava in the cave kills my eyes and I think the textures should probably match with the lavafall and the actual lava

Otherwise, this map is stunningly detailed and beautiful

that’s because of voxel or shadowmap

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The lava in the last room does have a texture, but Roblox studio refuses to load the texture of it.

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Beams are buggy, that’s why

Also great map! Definitely voting.

of course its another insane looks really amazing! but the lava in the last area is wayyyy too bright

I like the details and the ambient of the map. I won’t vote yet until I play the map.

Fun fact: The jumps in the first area are rigged.
Should I nerf them?

  • Yes, Nerfed jumps and lower difficulty to hard
  • No, Keep rigged jumps

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Oh and for those who say the lava is too bright, I used shadow map lighting, which makes the lava brighter. (Btw map is too short tho)

Map is getting released at midnight so get hyped. (Note: time might be different for everyone. I made this post at 11:46 and the time could be different for you depending on your location)

MAP IS RELEASED (Also idk any good osts so give me soem music to go with this map.

Good job my boi, u have mah voteh

Wait how is the cave still have snowing effect, where does the snowflakes come from

The map has no music

The map music could be deleted by Roblox

Couldn’t think of any music for the map. So that is why there is no music.


This is fun

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Winter Frost by SLY3
that’s the music i suggest you

I’ve seen this music and I kinda knew it will fit in. So I guess this is one

Forgot that was in there. Its in every screen shot I took.
Its a plugin is use called Triangle Studio.