Let me just take a moment here and rant


First off, I hate talking about this, or bringing light to these kinds of things, but yet once again I’m affected by these kinds of shenanigans, and this needs to be addressed.

I was also going to make this a video, but I don’t feel like putting high quality production into something like this.

I’ve seen this one guy, named Gusham recently, who makes these “Map Practices” games. Which by the way, get way more visits than they should and players, which clearly steals content. Gusham has been stealing content from the community, and basically calling it his own, implied by the fact that he has a “Developer Donation” game pass. Oh, did I also mention the game passes?

Yeah, so the main reason why I’m actually making this thread is the fact that Gusham is in fact profiting off of stealing content from FE2. He also uses ForbiddenJ’s Open Flood Test, but that was made open sourced for a reason. As an example, their Blue Moon practice just them searching up “Blue Moon” in the roblox toolbox, and that’s it.

As you can see, their RAP (Recent Average Price) values of his inventory and hats have skyrocketed in the last month, due to the sales of these game passes.

It’s one thing to outright steal things, but attempting to make money off of those items is baffling. That being said, I’d like to also point out that with their Sinking Ship practice, they stole a map, which was ripped off from my version of Sinking Ship, which was created by Emile_Sila, which I don’t want to get into, since this guy just loves stealing my stuff lol

Anyways, I don’t really care if this get’s locked, but all I want to say is please don’t be toxic in the comments. This is merely to inform, not to persuade. I just want people to know of what’s happening here, and to not support content like this. Much appreciated, and thank you for reading.


dang this person is stupid

God what a scumbag

my god that’s pathetic

this person needs to be stopped as soon as possible

people like this make me mad.

These are one of the reasons why good game creators which are extremely underrated don’t get noticed, but get replaced with stuff like this.


This triggers me on so many levels.

I doubt why those people who’ve played her game didn’t practice those maps in the map test, maybe the inconvenience about 0 player server glitch but it’s still an excuse. I’ve visited the game and… wow, that person actually copied the FE2 icon and the lobby. Physic/Movement system is kinda different from the original game and I wonder how those people will get their skill from playing that when the movement mechanic is not the same as the original one, it may help some but I think map test is still the better choice. :thinking:

The only thing that makes this so hilarious is that the quality of these games are subpar!

  • Auto jump is enabled and you randomly jump between players
  • the practice maps aren’t 1 to 1
  • animations are basic
  • gamepasses exist and are EXPENSIV
  • awful visual structure
  • it created itself some clones
  • more popular than some fan-games (i mean it, and specifically not 275)
  • crazy didnt notice this yet (its been a few weeks what! pls tell crazy or some other person)

seriously, this game has issues, if these were all taken care of, then this would’ve gotten a pass!

i’d expect no less from an open flood test game

Stealing assets or models without permission is one problem

But making a profit out of it without the original owner knowing is another problem. I literally hope this guy gets caught by doing this cause this is just selfish and pathetic.

technically, @ForbiddenJ could take the game down for profiting off of his game. sure he open-sourced it but that was because he wanted others to not spend time scripting them. and technically this is illegal by profiting off of someone’s work

another one of these people who think it’s acceptable to make profit off someone else’s work
really hope this person doesn’t continue this in the future


what the hell…