Li-vik: Lost [update, added Sector 0-1 to the map)

Status: Gathering Support, under heavy construction

Description of Map
Well, this map is probably going to be finished. There is a high chance it will… be finished.

In 2560, a industry named Alterra sent you out to scope out a lost facility named KaRakin, owned by Alterra’s rival corporation - Tythonic Industries. The facility was never finished during construction, because Tython made labaratories on the surface of Paramo. As it appears, there is a doomsday counter counting down from when you got there, and there was a rocket, that at the end of the timer will launch. Alterra hijacked the rocket and…it didnt launch. Because of you being captured in Tythonic in the process of you scoping out Karakin, they put you to test a new facility’s equipment in a finished laboratory/prison named Livik. Each room you go to, there is no sense of an escape, or freedom. You then saw the exit and ran to it but you got captured again and put in an EVEN deeper part of Li-vik. Appx. 9600 meters below the ground is a mechanical prison that Tythonic DOES NOT want you to escape from. Escape, and you might bring down the whole corporation of Tythonic, but if you die again, well, try again.

Note: I probably will make a prequel to this map where you explore KaRakin.

Pictures / Videos of Map-
first room:

second room:

that looks amazing

i didnt remember that icy has a alt
anyways, really epic but i cant vote anymore ;-;

he isn’t icy’s alt :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

a joke cuz the buildings skills are very similar ngl

reminds me of axiom
love it

WOW THATS EPIC :O. (also there’s a F4 in second room xd)

Too good. The lighting and everything.